In the hardest moments,
when you call upon God-
what are you actually doing?
You give yourself permission to disappear,
to hold to nothing,
to have no opinion,
to lose interest in the results.
You give permission to the ‘observing’ layer
-- that has had you convinced that all can be traced --
to become completely transparent.
You cross all portal with your immensity
You break all walls with your vastness.
Because you and God, cannot live together,
You can only be one,
the same one.
The only one.
Don’t wait for the hardest moment.
I’m looking forward to read how you feel in #DirectWithHomaya
yet since we are already starting our #DivineIntervention initiation!
I might take me some time to reply.
You are welcome to share whatever is showing itself in you
and any Blessings for our #DivineIntervention journey are welcome!

#YouChoose    #LivingFrictionFree     #PeaceOfMind


photo credit: Tyssul Patel
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    Thank you, beloved Homaya.
    Sharing : Yes, I am stretched but not in stress !!! I try to keep the same energy and vibration when I decided to go do DI !
    I trust I will have physical energy for the challenges!!!
    I am grateful for this opportunity the Divine is given me. So Grateful !!!
    Blind spots ?!!! I thought it was already done in my life, but many remains all over the years… UFF!!! Thank you for this incredible challenge !
    Blessings, Blessings, Blessings from my Heart to you and all the participants.
    Please don´t laugh too much with all my luggage…

    • Avatar

      I’m already laughing… 😉

      Good that you are diving into the depth of the process,
      and great that you keep the vibrations high!

      Love you!

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