Gratitude is a state of being, not an aftereffect.

In the ‘collective consciousness’ gratitude is an aftereffect, a reaction.
Being simply grateful as a state of living is rarely expiriences, mentioned or promoted. 

Most of the time, most of the people express their gratitude for something that was giving or offered to them.
Often it is applied a manifesting tool for something you wish to have.

There is much more in that simple and underestimated power of gratitude!

As long as you apply gratitude as a type of re-action or pre-action, you’re limiting yourself and the magic in your life- big time!


When you are grateful as a reaction, you are processing your gratitude through your mind, your like and dislikes, as well as your ego and the benefits you might gain.
When gratitude is a reward given by your judgmental mind,
your inner joy is limited to justifications.

There are better reasons to be grateful then because of a reason.



Gratitude is a state of being.
The way you open your eyes and look. The way you look within.

Breathe and tune in to the amount of beauty that comes into your inner space when you bring awareness to what gratitude brings when it is appearing majestically free, by its own accord.

Not for getting something.
Not as a reaction.
As an essence.

Feel how your heart opens up.


The DNA of gratitude is Grace.

Grace is the noble mother of gratitude.
Gratitude is the extension of grace.
Grace is a direct encounter with the forces of life and creation.

If you wish to be aligned with the universal law of grace, to welcome more gratitude into your life, more synchronicity- move yourself to live as a grateful being.

The sensation of gratitude is such a safe sensation.

Living great-fully will lead you to feel way more anchored, and self-assured, in your relationship with others, and within yourself.

It will give you the gift of being able to safely explore, play and stretch whatever you’ve perceived as a limitation.
All your No, ‘Impossible’ and ‘Can’t’ will be enlightened by a new bright, welcoming light.

Because living on gratitude mode, makes you have a way better communication with your reality.
You will be able to take into your life so much more, including the ability to digest life in your size bites.
You will be able to DO so much more with all that is served on your plate.


Gratitude is the best fear medicine.

Instead of spending tonnes of energy on rejecting and waiting for the REAL thing or the ONE thing to happen,
now you will be able to measure and estimate what is offered to you, simply because you are welcoming it.

From the ability to take more things in, tasting them, experiencing yourself as you are moving in life,
your inner strength grows.
It’s not that you’re climbing now a mountain.
You’re just want to make love with everything.

Your fears are being eliminated.


Gratefully inviting you

Take this invitation, beloved, and move gratitude from bring a reactive mode
to be in an initial breath, from which you see and give and drink life.
Don’t be grateful for what you receive because than, you, yourself, become an Echo. BE SIMPLY GRATEFUL!

Silent gratitude.
Motion gratitude.
Flexible gratitude.
Creative gratitude.
Exploring gratitude.
Vivid gratitude.
Reasonless gratitude.
Constant gratitude.
Limitless gratitude.

Please breath and let that live.
Free from your body. Free from your stories. Free from your wishes and desires. Let that live. Give it permission to live.

Let that wash you completely.

Let that wash over you completely, until you aren’t able to see your face anymore. You aren’t able to name who you are.
Let the infinite state of gratitude fill every space in your life.
Completely everything.




Share with me, in the comments below, what inspires you to be grateful,  constantly grateful,
and what are your moments of grace?

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Showing 13 comments

    Dear Homaya, I lovd zour text. It flows so nice that it made me cry of happyness,., that is exactly how I hve been feelinlg over the last couple of years, but I hadn^t been able to express in words.

    • Homaya Amar

      So beautiful! I am happy to know it touched you. Bless you, beloved!
      Thank you for sharing.

  • Andrée Hadhoumi

    Dear Homaya
    Catherine just sent me your text on Gratitude. I am so gratefule to her and to you for that. Human love is mostly conditional. I love you When… I love you Because… I love you if…
    Whereas gratitude to me is just an imediate opening of my heart. I go and watch the sun rise in the morning and I want to say thank you for the beauty of it, for the light and the warmth of the day. I take a shower and I “try” to feel gratitude for this vehicule driving me through life. I become aware of the perfection of its imperfections that make me alive and open up mu consciousness.
    Gratitude makes me happy for no reason, Gratitude, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE

    • Homaya Amar

      Thank you so much for your sharing, you put a smile on my face and in my heart. Keep this positive and luminous view on life, and let your human love flow unconditionally to nature and friends.

  • Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    Recently I found myself so Grateful for Gratitude itself, for the journey of going into vastness and back and realize I am a sacred window to this Altar called Grace as much I am this Altar itself and I realized I walk this transparent Gratitude, I breath this abundant blessing, without leaving any footprint, without taking any peace of this indivisible truth… that is “Heavenly furthermore” the ultimate existence. _/\_ Oh I am blessed yes, not because I did good or bad, but because “I am. All is”.

    • Ana Paula

      I meant … any piece of this indivisible truth…
      … I am a sacred window to this Altar called Grace as much I am this Altar itself and as much as I am that Grace, all is that Grace… Thank you so much…

      • Homaya Amar

        Beloved, what you wrote here is a poetry. a pure truth poetry. Thank you so much for sharing your light and wisdom. the world needs more of you!

  • Michael

    Taking that in

    • Homaya Amar

      Welcome! Share with me how it feels when you can. Love!

  • Inês Rodrigues

    I forgot to say that if by any reason you want/need I can sendo you the text in Portuguese!

    • Homaya Amar

      Than you so much for this proposal. You are welcome to do, we add it later as a PDF to the site, and that supports the future visitors and readers.

  • Inês Rodrigues

    Dear Homaya
    Very precious text about meaning of gratitude, many thanks! I translated it to Portuguese just because I felt the impulse (I used to make translations as a freelance professional). If you find useful to have the text in Portuguese feel free to use it).

    • Homaya Amar

      Thank you! I am so happy it touched your heart. Much love and gratitude for your offer. Have a blissful week!

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