The way you sound, matters

When speaking about the power of manifestation, there is one aspect that
is not mentioned as much,

and I find it super important.

Your voice,
Your speech,
Your inner sound,
Your throat chakra!

Your voice carries your thought, emotions, and idea
into the matter,
It is the vehicle that carries light into reality!

It is very easy to notice when someone’s words have no meaning,
sometimes it even feels impossible to listen to.

Not because there is no logic in the sentences he composes,
Rather because there is no energetic charge that accompanies the words,
giving them the full, detailed, un-verbal description that finally is able to
gravitate the sound back into a living experience.

In that sense, the Meaning of your words is the root of your effortless impact.

If you want the receipt to having powerful roots through meaningful speech,
take into consideration that they are created from your:
– Profound non-mental understanding based on experience or connection,
– High level of transparency that moves the relevant essence through the dimension from the abstract to the real
– Direct and uninterrupted transmission from thin air to the vivid vessel you are
– Embodiment and your level of presence.

In other words, we are speaking about
Your truth creates your reality

The level of truth you embody in your presence lead to a fruitful tree of life.
And the fruits are your impact.
The reality you are able to create.

Truth, honesty, integrity, alignment, and impact-
are all brothers and sisters in the family of creation.

When a healer is saying to a healee that there is something he needs to clear out of his life,
and the healee immediately is drawn to allow that to happen,
empowered by the words-
this is an impact.

When a spiritual guide share with someone a reading of a dream, or a clarification of a specific life scenario,
and while describing a reelevate coherent possibility,
a new reality is morphing-
this is an impact.

When a teacher is describing content to his students
and what they receive is a complete download
that make them feel as they were pierced with light
recognizing the physical dimension and the energetic quality of that topic-

Can your voice carry light?

Impact means a transformation accrued, healing happened,
the reality was created.

For that to happen,
there is a need for a sacred combination of light and sound.

Not the sound you hear in your ears, rather the way it vibrates within you.
Not the words you are using, instead the way you express and experience it.

All anchored in how truthful you are to yourself,
How much you are facing clearly and lovingly,
what there is within you.

How does your voice carry your light?
contractions, contradictions, and ambiguous sense
Or Freedom, Possibilities, and Openness.

I love you and grateful for your love and presence my dear.

Hugs of light


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