Drama is one of the strongest tools we use to avoid evolving.
Drama is captivating.
The power of drama easily engages our attention.

Next time you are in a drama -- fighting with your beloved, or acting out of a state of jealousy or competition, or thinking that a co-worker wants to sabotage you- stop and make a quick inner search.
Ask yourself: What am I afraid of in this moment?
And then go even deeper and ask:
What am I avoiding?

And if you find yourself to be constantly in ‘silent’ drama- like you always feel rejected, you consistently behave as the world out there wishes to hurt you, you are actively involved in a triangle love affair of betrayal or you repeatedly are in whirlwinds of crisis – you might like to do a deep house clean – because there is a chance you’re ‘guest living’ your own life, avoiding living the real thing.

Because Drama makes sure your whole energy will be drained down without you facing the real thing, without you facing your light, living your light.
Drama keeps you moving in a downward spiral.

The thing is that we have been conditioned to believe that for drama to take shape, more than one person has to be involved-
Not true!
You are enough!

[Video: Drama starts within 3:37 min]


The first keynote you want to pay attention to,
To be able to step out of this automatic drama mode is:
Notice when you’re blaming!

Do you hear the voice who needs to blame?

Your egoic need to be right is the only one that will protect you when you blame,
And, you know, it is not the part in you that is responsible for your well-being.

What you are not aware that you’re doing when you’re blaming is taking yourself out of the equation,
Once you blame -- your parents, your past, your partner, or Mercury’s retrograde -- you prevent yourself from seeing yourself.

Once that is done, you have created a split, there is something other than you, something else is running the show, someone else is responsible for the experience you are going through.

Don’t go there.

You have all that you need to create entire worlds- for better and for worse.

Instead of conditioning yourself to believe (because reality shows it again and again) that you can only create the complicated, un-potent world,
sit in the driver seat,
it is yours any case, no one else can sit there.
Use your effortless inherent mastery
And drive your world into majesty.

I want to know about that!

Share in the comments with me, where are you climbing back into the driver’s seat of your life?



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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Dear Homaya

    Thank you for your care.
    Right now I´m good

    I´ve a inner work in my daily routine that allows me to perceive what´s going on within me
    Sometimes it´s very hard to hold what comes and transform… others It´s easier… but that´s life, write?

    Total awareness plus total relaxation in the very and each moment leads to spontaneity and efficiency in action, and to peace and harmony in non-action.

    still learning about me
    I´m attempt

    anyway my tendency to do drama still is in an intimate relationship.
    I´m improving, knowning that is only my responsibility the way I´m experience life ….no matter what the theme of life is

    no one to blame (included myself)

    grata pela tua atenção

    abraço forte

    1. Yes, my love, No one to blame,
      not yourself as well,
      Dive deeper to see what is the unmet needs in an intimate relationship that makes you create separation
      and evoke drama.
      You are free to share.
      An Intimate Relationship is one of the gifted places we have to elevate our consciousness into unity.
      With love and light,

  2. Thank you a lot sweet Homaya!
    I needed this message now 🙂
    I still sometimes in the drama..
    But I’m working, looking to this voices inside.
    When I look with another eyes, from outside, this voices loses strong and I return to my true essence.
    And sometimes some voices are not mine..
    Thank you again.

    1. Beloved, This is good to read your sharing,
      I feel that it would be wonderful to develop greater alignment with your truth, with the Truth.
      Alignment conceals voices.
      Love and grace my dear.

  3. Dearest Homaya, Thank You So Much
    for the Reminder, which is always
    Necessary to Bring us back to
    Sanity. I Always thinking of
    You when I use the
    Essential Oil I will
    Send a photo of.
    Even though it
    was Virani
    that I recall
    Telling us: “And
    Breath……” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweet love, dear Heart sister,
      Thank you for your connection and support,
      I have a feeling I will be dedicating the next few blog post to this realm of emotional sanity,
      It is definitely a needed reminder.

  4. Drops of True! thank you beloved, you are always in my heart….and now, afther more or less one year we met, that mean really in my Heart…

    1. Dear Elisabetta, you are welcome, thank you for recognizing this truth,
      Welcome to share and spread this important message. Much love and hugs to you!

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