There is a love affair living inside us, inside you,
and we tend to hide it.
Your mind is “love sick”
like a knight who is in love with his queen.
we tend to judge it, try to control it.
Yes, in the world that we are living in --
with so much distractions and agitation-
it would be wonderful to cultivate a healthy relationship
with your thoughts and thinking process.
One aspect of cultivating a healthy relationship with your mind
is knowing if, when and how to obey and follow
the constant orders that your mind expresses all day long-
Actions, evolution, plans
is all size and scale.
You mind can effortlessly convince you
to stay 30 more minutes on an uninspiring Facebook feed,
leave a valuable conversation for an imaginary slice of cheese left in the fridge,
or try to convince yourself and others that you are right
regarding a meaningless detail about the best way to drive back home.
to our spiritual inquiry.
[Video: Through your Heart’s Mind    2:38 min]
What can you do instead of excluding and executing the mind --
the “thing” through which we look at life and experience?
What will happen if we change your relation towards
the thing through which we communicate, exchange?
How would that influence your life and perception?
I’m looking forward to hearing your comments below.
Thank you for reading and commenting
and for daring to express your sensations and insights
for all of us, to evolve and bloom.
I’d love to dive deeper with you on this topic.
Love you!

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    a balanced mind , one that is able to dance harmoniously with heartbeats, will be able to facilitate so many cognitve functions such as anticipating, linking, deducting, correlating, synthetizing , memorizing, putting things into motion . It can be a great companion to the heart, and likewise its worse enemy. Where the heart tends to do things just because there is a inner calling to genuinely desire or express something , the balanced mind will be the software that can act upon the heart’s desire or temper it if needed. It can also soothe to a certain extent a broken/angry heart and even nudge the heart and other parts of oneself to reignite or let go of something redundant. For it to flow, the merging of its dualistic nature needs to be integrated. It can do this through many ways , but possibly one of these may be to call upon its higher mind which has integrated wisdom that the lower mind is not used to tap into in everyday life…

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