Did you ever wanted to know what is going inside a healer heart and mind when he is offering healing sessions?

Do you know Peppino and Teresa?
They are two of my extraordinary beautiful master students
that I love so much,
I asked then to write to you what they have experienced
back in 2013,
when after a few healing sessions they gave
their client, who entered the clinic with a walking stick
stood and walk,

They have been part of a 10 days retreat I was leading-
An exclusive, real-time, transformative clinic experience!
(Same as the one I will be offering in May, in Algarve, Portugal.)






‘Real-time’ means – no theory.
The participants were offering healing to people
who were dealing with challenging physical, emotional or mental conditions,
and got supervision after every session they gave.

I wanted them to get super clear on
what is really happening in the healing sessions they give
and unveil if and how do they control
the healing they offer and the miracles that can occur in their presence.

In that training, I asked the students to work in couples,
Peppino and Teresa worked together.

It is so enriching, even to me,
to read their sharing about this experience,
six years after it happened.

I want you to read Peppino’s sharing today,
it will give you a rare opportunity to look through
a healer head and heart,
and as it is through the wise spirit of beloved Peppino…
just reading his words
will empower you, immensely!


Here is Dr. Peppino’s Bellusci sharing
When I saw my client for the first time, I was scared,
she couldn’t walk properly,
she looked strange, weird, un-understandable,
and completely lost.

The first sensation I had was judgment,
“Wow, she is really fuc*d up!”

It is a bit painful today to write this sentence,
but this was what I was genuinely thinking at that moment.

Then, I also thought that I’ve got the impossible case,
that this wasn’t fair, and a long list of other complaints.

It was sure that “my case” pushed me to my limits in zero time.

The next day the healing session started,
she was in her room wearing a T-shirt saying “True – Dare – Believe.“

Amidst her pain and mess, I understood she really wanted to heal;
she was daring, asking a miracle, choosing light!

From that moment on,
my role was just to support her in walking the miraculous path of her healing.


The first thing I realized was that my way of seeing her, the picture I made of her in my mind,
was the main thing blocking the possible healing. That wasn’t a pleasant realization.
My healer ego was running the show.

There was a moment in which all her limitations were lying on the table.
I knew that to be able to truly support her,
I needed to be the first to take my limitations and throw them away, all at once.

It was a moment of bliss, for her and for me.

It cost me some tears, and the immense support of Teresa, my partner in healing,
to breathe in the possibility that she could heal.

When I look at it from a six years perspective…
I think that everything was just perfect. Both me and my team partner had such a smooth connection,
it was sublime, always in tune, always supportive.
We were ONE and helping each other so we could dare to push the healing over our boundaries.

Sometimes I think that the angels of my client were listening to her prayers carefully.
My prayers have listened to, as well.
It was vital to me evolution as a healer to make a concrete experience of my inner knowing:
‘healing with light is possible, we can be and do much more than what we can understand.’

I’ve seen a Miracle.


Dr. Peppino Bellusci is a wonderful lightworker a father of two gorgeous beings,
a medical doctor offering his light in integrative medicine.

you can find more of him here


In the upcoming #Livelight event,
Tuesday, November 19th, 15:00 GMT (add it to your calendar)
We will explore the unaware limitations most healers carry.

I would love you to join and bring your questions forward.


As I shared above, I will offer a similar retreat in May 2020,
it is an exclusive retreat, enrollment requires application.

If you are ready to break your unaware limitation as a healer,
offer your services in a more professional way,
and gain more confidence in seeing the big picture of a healing wave-
You are welcome to apply here!

We will send all details at the end of this month.

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