Doubts are not as bad as you think [Text]


There is some light in doubt!

Well, Actually there is light in everything,
As we all know by now.
However- knowing it, doesn’t ensure that you will see it.

Sweet light lover,
On your day-to-day, wholehearted attention to becoming a better healer, and an irresistible light lover
there is a constant fine tuning that you need to do,

Because, mastering a certain technique is one thing,
but being able to make everything involved harmoniously dance without moving in the transformational field of energy…
this requires a whole new set of skills.
Such a juicy state! Right?

Use doubts as a clarifying tool.

Doubts could be one type of fine tuning that can do you good!
Cultivate the ability.

Would you believe me when I say
you need doubts to bring the shaman out,
to orchestrate the crickets and fairies
in yours or someone else’s life?

Doubts will give you the possibility of looking at things differently.
They are the special magic that makes you follow the rabbit into the rabbit hole.
Dive into the rabbit hole, and you will find yourself collecting unexpected parts of the majestic puzzle of life.

Don’t let doubts confuse you.

Let them expand your perception.
Leave your mind.

The type of doubts that have you confused
are the solo type of doubts,
It is when you doubt yourself,
rather than doubting reality and circumstances that you become confused.

Give yourself a break and try this idea for one month:

Start doubting reality instead of doubting yourself.
Invest in developing enough self-compassion until you will be able to gift yourself with self-doubts.

Until then, leave yourself to god.
After a month, let’s see what happens. Allow yourself to notice the difference.

The doubts that have you confused are the ones you believe in.
Doubts were born to shuffle the cards of your reality,
Time to participate in investigating what’s real, instead of relating to them like a terrifying “No Entry” sign.

What is your practice?

Relate to the doubts that come.

Speak in the same language.
Relate to doubts energetically,
In this way, you do not need to take them personally,
And for sure no need to take them seriously,
You just need to ride the wave they open,
And land in the super-realm to which they will take you.

Doubts are a brilliant problem-solving tool!



One more note for you dear healer:
When it comes to the clinic and your clients- doubts are so precious:
You need to doubt their convictions,
You need to doubt your choices so more light can enter,
And your client needs to be in this luminous, safe and sacred space where they can doubt uninterruptedly until it is cleared and shifted.

Love you,
Share this love and this inspiration,


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