I meet a lot of people in each month, almost every week
that speak to me with a head full of ideas and ideals
about how things SHOULD be:
How they should be as healers, or in their relationship. etc…
I find that ideals destroy the life force,
shorten the life span.
They take the experience, the intimate and authentic connection
of the inner reality and its reflection in living reality-
and distort it.

I don’t wish to encourage distribution of mistakes.
I do wish to encourage a process of working
every day
and experiencing, investigating, making mistakes-
and through all of that -- realize that there truly is
a meaning and a flavor to life.

You cannot think of a tomato and take it for granted,
rather -- you need to taste it, to get to know it.

And that flavor, the flavor of life,
is being cultivated and designed on the go,
and for an ideal to stop being an ideal and become living matter
you cannot start from the end -- from the ideal.
You must respect the beginning, any beginning,
and simply allow the thing to be born
and live its life.

Recorded in The Circle of Grace, April 2016, Portugal

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