About Soul Pulling, a Shamanic energetic healing process

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What make the difference between one person to the other is his figure print and his soul print. A pure, gentle and refined quality combined with enormous power, contained within the body and affects his being and existence.
Easily we can look at someone else or ourselves and notice without any doubt, if one is full of life force and vitality – active, bright eyes, looking forward, his smile is shining and he is fully present, while another person without a vital force, his soul has no energy or completely stopped, tired, bent, ached, his eyes are looking nowhere with no expression, he is completely gone.
A human being contains a soul, full of joy, vitality, lightness and his role, among others, is letting himself and his soul to bloom, celebrate life, fly, being straight and comfortable within his physical body, his bones wrapped in skin, flesh and blood mostly made of liquid molecules.
If so, why there are times that we don’t feel vital, like a car traveling on an empty fuel tank?

What makes the difference?

The amount of soul who is vivid contained in the body and its force.
For that matter imagine the soul as a feather, a group of feathers and sometimes a whole wing. When it’s on its own power, on its element, it has air and space of movement, there is no stronger than it and it can carry us upwards.
The measure of strength and force of this feather influences on our capacity of being presence in the Being, the here and now, containing joy, light positivity, fulfilling meaningful parts from our infinite potential supply as beings and more…

How this difference occurs?

Here at the physical relatively solid body and inside the density of life our soul is soft, gentle and we need to preserve it.
For that matter imagine this situation (soul inside body) as a feathers pillow. Whenever one experiences the death of a loved one, a break-up of a relationship, or any change that he wanted to avoid or he was not prepared and ready to deal with, his soul “fly”; But in such cases it is not the meaning of growth and raising your vibration but a short and fast protection process in which parts of the soul are freed from the body to relieve the shock and the trauma, then we separate and let go parts of our soul.

As this phenomenon happens during change or trauma accompanied by shock, great sadness, panic or other similar feelings, we tend to move on in our lives when parts of those parts of the soul that freed remain behind connected to what happened, we may forget the fullness of who we are.

When these pieces are missing, our energy level is less than optimal and without them we are not complete. This is the beginning of not being present in the body and in life. On a subconscious level, we long for the parts of our wholeness that we gave or left behind. This situation pushes us to self-Connection travels for restoring the vital force to ourselves.

The Journey

In different cultures around the world the elders and shamans have created an energetic journey aimed to go and collect that lost parts of the Soul. This soul journey replaces and supports the inner journey that is naturally happen.
This process is known as “Collecting particles of soul”, ” soul retrieval” or “Soul pulling”, and its name is indicating the energetic action that occurs.
Until now, during my life I have met about 5 different types, from different traditions of these energetic journeys. In any culture Soul pulling is done differently.
In some cultures the Shaman is the one who go out to this journey, the tribe elder travels between the parallel universes and different dimensions, moving energetically in time to the place where the split was created and reinsert the pieces of the soul that wandered in the universe.
On other traditions the person himself goes out to this journey and the role of the shaman is to accompany him, to open doors and ways in the other worlds for having an access to the parts of one’s soul that was left there, as well being as an anchor and connection to this world so he could return safely and simply to implant the parts he had collected.
This journey is a very powerful energetic experience, there would be some people that their conscious mind will be able to translate for them the experience into specific descriptions, others would be able to connect feelings and emotions and others during the process itself will not feel anything. However this is the type of rebirth. This new part that is connecting to the existing can surprise (or not) with new sensations, desires and need to treat them with compassion and generosity, is like a newborn baby.

The process itself takes between an hour to several hours and afterwards the new energy assimilates in one´s energetic field and life. After the integration process which can take several hours to several days the feeling of fullness and presence increases. After going through this process, many people have reported a feeling of solidness, as well as profound positive changes. Many have felt empowered, and have found it easier to stand for who they are.

Recollecting parts of your soul enables re-connecting to who you really are and to walk your way fuller.
Allows your soul and you – to rise!


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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

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