Today I offer you a tool,
a 5 minute practice
an energetic experience
that allows a very easy and quick transformation of rigidity and resistance
and as a result of that – charges you with energy and empowers your strengths.

This tool arose spontaneously within me
during one of the teachings I shared this month.
I was looking for a way to guide the participants and to demonstrate to them
what I do with myself, inside my consciousness,
in order to accept the experiences that come my way
beyond judgment, fear or resistance.

In order to that I of course had to guide this process much faster than usual,
and the miracle was doubled and multiplied!
The amount of energy that awoke in the room and in the participants was huge
and also I experienced the power that comes with sharing something so intimate and internal.
That I never gave it a name or a form before.

What I also discovered, is that this activation takes the form of a Torus,
reminding us we have the access infinite energy
that we have the ability to refresh and maybe even create
life force,
and that we definitely have the ability to transcend through the dimensions easily,
or on other words :
that in our days, energetic transformation can be simple and quick!
What a blessing!

In the video there are two activations.
I recommend to experience it at least once.
and then activate it as needed in life,
It is also highly recommended to practice it once a day for 28 days in a row.If you feel the energy is weakening, then repeat it with me thorough the video.

I would love to hear what you felt after the activation,
the best place to leave your comments is below the video itself!

You are also welcome to the full recording from the event
of ‘Say yes to life’ recording, click here.

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