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Q: What is shamanic work/healing?

Homaya: Shamanic work consists of the quality that grasps Creation in its widest sense, recognizing the unity created from and into diversity and the importance of everything existing: the living and the inanimate, male and female, the different and the similar, the miniature and the immense or multi-dimensional, the overt and the covert. It is not an act, but rather a worldview, a perspective of reality. The shaman has the ability to cross between various dimensions, worlds and consciences in order to move energy and cause transformation.

There are different kinds of shamans around the world, doing their work with a wide variety of tools and guidance, such as rituals, herbs, movement, music, painting and more. The tradition into which I was initiated is distinguished by its mere use of energy and light in order to heal, transform and raise consciousness.

Q: What do you mean by “energy and light”?

Homaya: Many aspects of this work are still beyond words, so things might often sound generic. I shall do my best to explain what I mean.

When we eat food, we are nourished not by the food itself but rather by the energy it holds. Energy is vibration, a vibration of conscious light. All our being is nourished, communicating and acting with those vibrations.

The whole world is vibrating energy, frequencies: some are apparent and our physiological system can translate their perceived wavelengths – we call them sounds, shapes and colors; and some are incomprehensible to us and our neurological system cannot detect them – but this does not mean they do not exist. Over the ultra-violet and beneath the infra-red there are more vibrations unseen to our eyes and sensual perception.

The wide notion of Creation mentioned in my former answer acknowledges the fact that there are additional layers of existence, beyond what is apparent to us. Beyond all that exists more exists which appearing in other dimensions, universes and spaces of consciousness.

There are 144 dimensions representing Creation, all existing and acting simultaneously. To our eyes, in each dimension the light breaks or being transmitted differently. In each dimension, the laws of physics as we know them change.
In the Mexican healing tradition, the shaman healer is able to move between dimensions and universes, changing his energy frequencies to what we call hertz frequencies, as well as working together with the forces of nature and the celestial elements which we can currently identify. This movement is in fact a movement of consciousness, and the shaman serves as a relay station for giving and receiving energy.

Q: How are those abilities achieved?

Homaya: There are 3 ways to achieve those abilities. The first one – being born to a healers’ clan and growing into its traditions. The second way – being chosen for this work by higher forces, accepting it as your soul contract and then going through the appropriate apprenticing in this life time. The third way – choosing willingly to be part of it, which is often the longest and most complicated way.

In each of these 3 paths, you are initiated through the presence of a teacher, master or shaman, but most of the learning is done on the astral/energetic level and takes place at night schools and through Caught Teaching.

Q: So how do you know you have learned anything?

Homaya: Once you are there – all questions cease. You simply feel it. Your consciousness changes, your abilities change, your reality changes.

Q: Does this mean that anyone can do it?

Homaya: On a certain level, yes, anyone can do it, but some would have to do it the hard way.
Today, we live in an era where many spiritual schools, ministries and monasteries that were holding vast mystical knowledge are now opening wide their gates and sharing their wisdom, so that all of us – the entire universe – would be able to expand its consciousness and awareness, get closer to the being of Oneness and see a bit more of the bigger picture.
Our masks are coming off and so are the veils of illusion. It is time to wake up and see what is going on, beyond illusion. It is time to be more who we really are.

Q: How did you get there?

Homaya: The conscious path I have taken on my way to fulfilling my commitment and to the energetic world in which we live has started 8 years ago. Until then, I was there without naming it, without even knowing what it was, thinking it felt the same for everyone. When the loud call was heard, I was still a young motivated architect and designer, interested in the occult aspects of the self but very detached from the spiritual sphere or from any spiritual way of living.

Following a dream, which back then I referred to as an inexplicable inner call and today I can safely say it was my guidance’s clear call, I eventually found myself taking a class of Light Language. Light Language is the language of Creation, the language which everything that exists in nature and in us – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – is made of. The alphabet of this language consists of the frequencies of sacred geometry and colors. I was an architect and I took great interest in geometry, shapes and colors.

The first time I took this class, my eyes were filled with tears through most of it. I felt as if God had put me on his lap, saying: “You’ve done a great job my dear, now I can share with you more about the way i work.” In this class I have met the soul of all the shapes and colors I have been working with my entire life. It was like meeting friends I had only seen photos and heard stories of. This class has made me realize that everything is frequencies and that we really create our reality with our thoughts and emotions.
Afterwards, life did not seem the same anymore. Since then, I have continued studying with my teachers and my teachers’ teachers, with masters, shamans and miracle workers all around the world. I have been to the jungles and sat in classes, and within a few years I have started working with people. Later on I have been trained as a teacher and today I also initiate new teachers.

Q: What can one learn from you, what are you teaching, what goes on in class?

Homaya: On one level, I can say that I teach almost everything I have learned and had already been absorbed in me and turned into my being. This includes over 30 different classes such as Light Language, Soul Code, Divine Intervention, Breath of God and Soul Pulling.

Some of the classes, like Light Language which has to do with sacred geometry and the frequencies of colors, mostly enable the development of consciousness, meaning initiation and knowledge of the energetic qualities which created us, our world and our experiences. Other classes create a space for energetic initiations and raising frequencies by deep healing – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The healing techniques are totally esoteric and magical. I am talking about a breath that can move you forward beyond what is holding you back; I am talking about simple hand gestures that allow the release of childhood patterns; I am talking about cutting chains of places and people, healing grief or pain, opening the heart and more.

In the past, one had to sit with shamans for months and even years in order to learn how to move energy in a meaningful way that would bring healing through a single session. Today, thanks to those shamans and all the people who followed their path, we can receive this knowledge and intensify our abilities and consciousness within a few hours in class. As I mentioned before, we live in an era where we have the capability and the privilege to both contain and activate more energetic abilities – yet, we must be more responsible. I refer to ‘responsibility ‘ in the sense of both quitting the victim’s position and doing whatever it takes in order to use our knowledge and abilities to create a better reality for us and for the other.

I see many people who keep on going to lots of workshops and therapies, craving to be teachers but unable to afford it. If you practice any spiritual discipline and still have no money in the bank, tough relationships with your family, low self esteem or lack of self love, plus your physical life is also full of problems and difficulties – this means your practice does not work! And I do not refer to challenging experiences along the way which are part of your path to development; I refer to the cases where this is what life mostly looks like.

Healing and the development of consciousness lead to personal evolution, a change in the way of living and a new perspective of the self and of reality – a benevolent perspective of peace. This is what interests me most to teach. I may teach techniques, but what I really teach is love. All techniques are merely signs pointing at the thing itself, pointing at my life in the perspective of unity, pleasure, love and peace.

Q: What can one expect from participating in this class?

Homaya: Expect change, growth, awakening, a new understanding of oneself and of life.
The classes are simple and consist of self exploring and experiencing beyond the studying of knowledge. All classes include energetic initiations and generate significant changes!

Shamanic initiation and healing work in all dimensions, so while the mind only gets a few pieces of information, the energetic body and consciousness get dozen thousands of information snippets. The class maintains a sacred energetic space where light and frequencies enable the release of energies, concepts, patterns, opinions, thoughts and beliefs that suppress our vitality and forces of life; a space where the challenging zones that require a change would get the exact amount of healthy energy they need for the appropriate change and growth. Some of the participants would experience the process during class, some would experience it the moment they step out of class and some would experience it later on, like a seed planted inside them that would sprout in due time.
I advise the participants of this class to dive in, take off their masks and be fully present. The process is a blessing. When one is healed, we are all healed.

as meaningful and energetically powerful as the transformation processes are, one would have to later on internalize and apply the evolution and change in one’s reality of life. All the support and guidance need would be given to those who decide to do so.

Oct 2010

Part of a preparation interview with Homaya

at “About Spirit and matter” radio program.


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