The unthreatening little blind spot that influences your giving.

You probably know that the best medicine for ‘the fear disease’
(the type of fear that paralyzes you)
is an expansion, of awareness, of consciousness…

the raw, healthy, primordial fear
is a signal that puts all your antennas
on high attention mode
to perceive more than they usually do.

I want us to melt, even just a little bit,
the uncomfortable fears related to offering healing services.

Because chances are you’re holding to some of these fears:
The fear that you’re not ready to hold the responsibility
of offering healing and transformation to other peoples’ lives,
A parallel fear that you will be hurt, or you will hurt, in one way or another, by offering healing,

The fear of not performing:
you will not have answers,
you won’t be able to provide solutions,
you won’t be able to earn money from this type of work,

And as you advance, you might fear that
one day, the streams of light will stop,
(just because today your inner sun isn’t shining that bright…)

I’m sure that you wish to be free from these fears,
maybe you even wonder- how can you run so much light
and still this stuff isn’t clear?
Well, my love, it’s because it is so well hidden!

Let’s consider an expanding consciousness flashlight
to see through this unthreatening little blind spot,
the common source of many healer fears.

Let me introduce you to
the Little Ego.

So tiny that it makes you tiny,
Not like your Big Ego, that shadows your light,
with its infinite unmet needs,
that must be fulfilled
even at the price of separation and loneliness,
your Little Ego is
your light consumer.
In disguise.

While your Ego will convince you
that you do not have enough,
your Little Ego will convince you
that YOU are not enough.

While the Ego will guide you
to get whatever he needs,
the Little Ego will tell you
that you must give,
that without your giving,
they (world, others) will not have enough,
They will not have what you know
that they need.

As such, your Little Ego will control
the way you offer

It will take you into the journey
of not being suitable to give, or to heal,
of not being good enough.
It is a downhill trail that ends with over-giving.

Sharing the light of your awareness on your the Little Ego
will also clear the situations in your intimate relationship
Where you find yourself open in a disproportionate way,
to the stage of the relationship
and the ripeness of your partner.

Or when you tend to give others what they need,
before they were asking,
or even giving a sign of need?

And in a healing session,
You will find yourself attentive to relevant time and space for integration
Both for you and for your client.
You will be clear on when and why (if at all) you extend the time frame of the session,
You will understand how important the energetic exchange is (AKA- payment)
And easily liberated from any healing sessions residues,
Including even the smallest thought of
how your healee is doing after the session.

The art of healing
is the art of giving

Giving the right thing, in the right time, in the right way.
How can you cultivate this in your life?

Let’s dive deeper into it during the next #livelight session
Tuesday February 18th 15:00 GMT
On my Facebook Page and Instagram profile.

Come with your questions and with your insights!

Love you!


P.S- If you wish for us to tackle and clear more of these fears, Give me a note in the comments below the post.
I would also love to know if reading this post supported you, simply type a note at the end of the page.

See you soon.

Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Dear Homaya,
    The distinction with the little ego that works more on a subtle level is super helpful for me, as well as the comparison to over-giving in other relationship. I really needed the clarity about thinking “for others” and being disproportionately mature and relating to it as having the obligation to give more, understand more, be more available and open than the other and this relates to my fear of trusting myself to hold the space for that. It is not possible and not needed to think for the other or taking their responsibility. I understand know how I am irresponsible with myself and the other and how much I need to readjust my perception of being in service and being spiritual matured. Thank you, Homaya

  2. My. joy! You re also welcome to share burning topic that you need feedback about, and to share what you find valuable among the healers you know, or on your social media, That is a great support! Thank you for your love!

  3. Such a burning hot topic… answering lots of question. Thank you Homaya. Will you record the session? I won’t be able to join live.

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