The lessons I (Re)Learned in 2017,
What can you learn from it
and what’s going to be different this year…?
Well, my love… 2017 wasn’t an ordinary year for me,
I called it the year of Tsunami,
Since many things were washed away from my life.
I Asked For It. 
I asked for it.
I just couldn’t have expected that it would turn out the way it manifested.
For more than 20 years now, in the beginning of each year,
I do a ritual with myself-
I pick up an essence, emotion or experience
(such as clarity, intimate relationship, courage, grace)
and I dedicate the entire year to learn it and from it,
It’s powerful,
leading to a significant overcoming of many issues.
In 2017 I asked to –
Hold to nothing.
Reality Speaks
Reality speaks all the time,
in so many ways.
You can imagine that, sooner or later, those yearly experiments
push me out of my comfort zoon, right?
Or as I wrote in my Bliss Mantras
I need to “Move from experience to experiment”
Life starts to wander in the unknown zones of this related topic,
and expansion occurs!
So this year- things, projects and people started to fall, drop, disappear, leave-
I, myself, decided to take some time off from actively leading workshops,
(FYI I still give private sessions, initiations and trainings).
I found myself in a simple life, taking care of my boy, doing laundry and cooking,
while the power of my energetic body is so high that it could fly up to space like a rocket,
and take some friends with me.
It’s in the absence of planned spiritual activities
that I could realize the strength of the energetic body,
and its impact.
I Appreciate Breakdown
I appreciate breakdowns.
I know there aren’t so many people in the “breakdown lover” club.
The majority of people are afraid of breakdowns.
It’s not that it makes me happy.
When it comes,
I pass it thoroughly, wholeheartedly
I use this rare opportunity to look at myself straight in the eyes
through the victim, the despair, the fear, the complexities.
It’s a crack in reality that brings gifts
that I can’t get elsewhere, no matter what!
Witnessing the lighthouse that I am,
feeling grace as an action and not merely as an abstract concept, 
and exploring the magicbox of creative ideas, 
are part of this gift bundle! 
Irrational is Relative 
Consciously letting go,
Giving up the safety net (income, house, friends)
might seem irrational
  1. I’m a light-worker, not a matter-worker.
  2. Some conditionings need an investment of time, energy and attention to dissolve.
  3. I obey my soul regardless of my mind arguments.
All leads me to realize (again)-
Being spiritual needs courage, 
it is not as sweet and pinky as the image most people have.
If you dare to play with magic,
Stay in peace as reality morphs in front of you.
While you align yourself, you might feel as though you’re being twisted.
Some unknown territories are an enigma for you and for the entire of humanity,
Visiting them builds your inner strength.
It might not seem like that
but you are full of love, commitment, truth
This Year
This year I ask to master
The Art of Writing
2018, I’m ready for you!
Thank you for holding this prayer with me.
Thank you for your presence,
for reading, listening.
Share with your prayer,
I can pray for you too.
I Love you immensely!
Have a wonderful, amazing, bright 2018!!!
Happy new year!
All of that also means that
the nature of the “magazine” you’re reading,
will transform into a Blog,
for the time being there would be
less snap peek into class content
and more insight sharing that is coming from my
immediate life experience.
your feedbacks, your letters, your questions
are pearls to my soul, and I’ll keep of relating to it in my posts.
Please keep them coming!
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
If you want to learn how to do it
I’ll keep posting about it until the beginning of the year.
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Showing 12 comments
  • Avatar

    Hello Beloved !
    I DO wish you a wondeful New Year 2018 !
    Filled with joy and love !
    As you say 2017 has been a twisty year …. so many things have happened and not very funny, but we learn ! … and grow … put things in the right place !
    I send you my blessings and love,
    Julie & Claude

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Hello sweet one, SO wonderful to hear from you,
      Thank you for your blessings, I wish you a year of ease, health, and spiritual expansion.
      Love you!

  • Avatar
    Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    Beloved Homaya
    I hold with you, this prayer of yours my Love.
    Your words, the energy in it gives me courage, lightens some space in my heart to accept life moving in me without that pressure of doing right or wrong.
    Hold to nothing! What a challenge! Really, during the days I passed with you, I saw you moving, dancing like that, and at the same time emanating always a caring presence, a caring wisdom of this timeless magic… I have to tell you Beloved Homaya, I am profoundly blessed for our hearts have met… And I pray for you and I pray for us and I pray for our Tribe and I pray for ALL…I pray for me… May we move in this life each step as a revelation of the flow, not the flow of our thoughts but the flow of our innermost divine remembering plan… I pray for see through the invisible, I pray for healing through the perception of beauty as emptiness in the form… I pray to stay calm as reality unfolds to honour my gifts… I pray to move dear Homaya, I pray for guidance for manifestation of my soul gifts… I pray for connection. for presence, everywhere and always… I pray for Joy and Grace… And I want to Thank you for your inspiration, your teaching, your loving presence, and for not giving up on me… May the shinning bright in us, come forth to uplift us beyond logic and reason… Love you

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      There are no words to express how joyful I am to read those words from you!
      I’m grateful for your blessings
      yet even more delighted to hear your prayers!
      May you feel the embrace of all in your actions, thoughts, and feeling.
      May you be guided,
      may your prayers be answered with ease and with a spark 😉

      LOVE YOU!

  • Avatar

    I am so grateful to my soul that leads me to you, beloved Master and beloved soul.
    Your Love is Huge and you keep giving the flow of your Love, the abundance from your soul gifts.
    For this year, for myself: self recognition, stop the concepts and preconceptions, open more and more the Heart, Love.
    It is ambitious, I Know. And… also… be more in touch with my Tribe and Mission.
    Thank you for the amazing music. It opens places inside of me…
    Feliz Ano e abençoada ESCRITA ou LIVRO!
    Love to Yuval, Gomme and You querida Homaya.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Sweet Teresa,
      I am sure and positive that all that our heart is wishing for, is something that can manifest!
      So it is an ambitious and wonderful wish, and I hold this prayer with you, with love and immense joy!
      Happy new year, my dear one, love you!

  • Avatar
    Carla marta

    It’s an inspiration to read you and those words and this energy inspires courage and humbleness, faith and a long breath with a smile in the heart. Thank you.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you, dear Soul,
      Wishing you a wonderful, illuminated year, may your heart feel at home every single moment!

  • Avatar

    and i love the music, thank you so much! 🙂

  • Avatar

    each time Homaya, pearls coming through your words, and the way you preceive reality. to appreciate and love breakdowns, it is a highly evolve attitude, and i deeply thank you for shifting our awareness to that <3
    praying with you for your writing year!
    my prayer for this year is a healthy loving partnership with my soulmate man.
    thank you for this space to share it here, and for praying for me as well.
    Blessings for a magnificant new year for all of us, and lots of Love!

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      My Love, there is no greater pleasure than to pray this prayer together with you.
      Amen to Love,
      Amen to commitment,
      Amen to the spirit that sparks the connection in 2 hearts, and makes them ONE!
      Thank you for sharing your feedback and for your eternal support.

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