The first big lesson my boy told me
was that
there is no beginning and no ending.

No matter if it is blessings or a problem building up
everything starts way before it starts…
And never truly ends…
Everything is just very slow motions of appearing and disappearing
In our perceived reality.


I got pregnant when I was 44.

I knew I was pregnant at the moment it happened.

On the same morning it happened, I knew it will happen today.

My Man and I decided to open a window for the possibility
two weeks before it actually happened.
That means that officially we planned to bring a soul to the world
for two weeks prior to conceiving.

During the three previous months,
A few of my friends and dear students
sent me messages that made me realize that
the pregnancy was on its way.

One sent me a drawing of the flower of life
with the name of the God of fertility.
Another told me she was with me in night school
and had seen in my bag a confirmation.

Six months before,
My man and I met with my master,
And after being with her for less than 15 minutes,
She asked something like:
“How about bringing a soul to the world?”

Eight Years earlier I had a 10-second vision
in which I could see the possibility that
we would have a child together.

So we can also say,
that I knew I would be pregnant
eight years before it happened.

But in all honesty,
do you collect all those parts,
when they are appearing in the big stream of life,
into a real pregnancy and birth?

We rarely spoke about it,
and we were not focused on having a child,
at all!
I was 44, he was 46,
and we had the divine spirit and creativity
running in our veins so strong,
traveling non-stop all over the world
completely in love with our lives as they were.

As a student of life,
we are always going through some challenging initiations
under the divine order;
A relationship ends, you move to another country,
someone dies, you go through disease,
you give birth…
(to name a few of the obvious ones)

We tend to look at the big things
that happen and relate to them as a moment of shift and an initiations
simply because we got used to seeing and taking for real
only that which manifested in a concrete way.

But many initiations start in a very subtle and gentle way.
Your attentiveness and respect
toward that which shows itself to you
in your life
will reveal that to you.

Your restful attention
allows you to tune in to what the world offers you,
gifts and challenges,
(it also supports you to move beyond good or bad.)

The course of your life can also change
with a movement of very thin air.

You meditate on a symbol and your path gets clear,
you add a letter to your name and you move to another country,
you put a picture of a Daiti on your Altar,
or draw your chakras with a yellow as a primary chakra
instead of an orange,
and you become focused like you have never imagined you could be.

Can you collect the בdots and trace the shift that is about to happen in your life?
More than that-
Can you place the dots and draw the shift yourself?

Share with me in the comments, at the end of the post
I will be thrilled to read
and connect with you.


As the new year is entering in,
I encourage you to trance the tendencies
that are showing up in your life.

Not your dreams.
The real things.

The ability to predict the way
the future will unfold
is given to all of us.

Simply because
YOU project your reality,
consciously or unconsciously,
YOU are communicating with it all day long!

You do not need to have special powers for this.

It is more about listening with care and attentiveness,
to the natural currents that are already running,
and wisely,
tuning in with that.

This is so much fun!


This week I was recording (for hours)
the Foreseeing Class.
Do you remember it from last year?

So we will have two amazing things for entering the new decade:
the illuminated passage
in the Light Lovers Facebook group
where we will bless the decade ahead.

And those who are ready to foresee
and consciously enter the year ahead
Knowing what are you here for-
The Foreseeing Class will be ready for you by the 26 December.


Meet me up in the #livelight session
On Instagram and Facebook
This Tuesday 17 December 15:00 GMT
And let’s speak about the way we initiate
The future!

Love you!


Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. That is so beautiful, I read it with my heart in my mouth.. thinking of the miracles that seem so far away, and yet, as you say, so within our consciousness already. I am dreaming of many unfulfilled desires (for a partner, for a love relationship for one) and also these days really seeing what calls itself “The Ordinary” – this seems a big place for me to rest at the moment as I am needing to ground in very ordinary and pedestrian life. I see and feel in Technicolor but often feel frightened of ‘landing’ here, where the Ordinary is. It is a process.

    1. Such a beautiful and authentic sharing.
      And it seems your wisdom us showing you clearly, that this is here, in the ordinary, int he day to day, where the magic of sowing miracles – happen.
      Hope you will join us in one of our new year activities,
      It is a wonderful time for empowering all your heart wishes and making clear- who would be the chosen seed – to become a blissful reality.

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