The flight indicators that can show you exactly where you are as a healer

Although any healing work is based on being in contact with people
at a very intimate level,
there is something quite lonely about working as a healer.

Rarely do you have someone to exchange with about the healing that you provide,
your feelings and doubts,
the dynamic you have with your clients,
or with a specific client.

Nevertheless, in the healing session itself,
apart from your client,
you have many partners
that influence the process, such as:
your client’s spirit guide,
your spirit guides,
your ego,
and more…

Part of mastering the art of healing
includes making distinctions
concerning these invisible partners
and developing greater self-awareness
about how aligned and free you are
with your light and healing transmission.

The healee and the healing wave are your flight indicators
they show you exactly where you are
during the healing sessions.

Once in a while
You need to go deeper, to feel and see
the aspects in which your ego and fears limit the healing,
As well as to recognize the zones and states in which
your are simply bright.

You are powerful in more areas that you could imagine,
yet, you had no opportunity to discover it!

This is why I intentionally ask the healing students to work together.
I know that the healer that they couple with
will be the best supporting mirror for them.

Teresa Salgueiro from Portugal,
was the partner of Peppino, from last week’s story.
She is an illuminated being, a presence healer, and one of my delightful master students,
although practically we can say that she is
a mother to four, a Chinese doctor and an energetic healer.

You can connect more to Teresa and her offerings here:

You will be fascinated to read Teresa’s point of view
Of the same healing case we reviewed last week:

I started my path as a Chinese medicine doctor, giving acupuncture sessions,
I evolved to healing as a Reiki Master,
Later on, I met Homaya and along with other workshops with her,
I participated in Divine Intervention, 2013.
This was a deep self-work while learning so many beautiful and strong healing techniques.

When the invitation to the real time, hands-on clinic practice arrived,
it made a lot of sense for me to participate.
Nothing can be better than practicing all the tools I have
with the guidance of Master Homaya.

As a healer for already 7 years,
I was never told to look at my clients as a mirror of myself,
until I was in a class with Homaya.

I guess that was the first impact in that retreat. 

I met and listened to the lady (that was about to be my healee)
presenting her issues and the reason why she came,
I felt she was telling my own life story in another’s words.
She came walking with a lot of difficulties, using a cane.

During the entire healing process we worked in couples.
This was an immense learning for me,
because apart from our client process,
we also learned to walk through our own processes,
surfing the waves of healing evolution, as ONE.

We were invited to work in couples,
but we had to adjust ourselves to better serve the client, as one,
while maintaining our own vibration and uniqueness as healers.

There was a moment that I still recall brightly:
One afternoon,
just when we thought that we couldn’t advance and lead our client to health,
We have found her in her space, singing, sitting on the balcony floor
she got up, totally free from her cane,
and started to walk
alone (!).

That made me realize how deep I went also with myself,
recognizing my (self-imposed) limitations
and setting free what does not support me anymore,
opening space for expansion and new clear perspectives of life. 

That was my biggest breakthrough at that retreat. 

On that breakthrough day,
Peppino and I forgot to change the flowers on the altar (they were a little wilted…),
yet, when we entered the room,
the three of us noticed how fresh they looked like as if they were just picked up a few minutes ago.

That was a tiny miracle, but so special…!

I am grateful to my wonderful mate on healing,
with whom I learnt to work as one,
and God, how we made it really good!
And I am grateful to my Master Homaya,
who creates and offers this immense self-expansion for healers;
and who also beyond the doubts,
joined two doctors from different medical approaches,
hoping that they will get along together as one.

Life is precious when we open ourselves to it.


So moving to read Teresa’s sharing,
and learn through and beyond her sharing.


In the upcoming #LiveLight event,
Next Tuesday, November 26th, 15:00 GMT (add it to your calendar)
Let’s continue exploring the unaware limitations most healers deal with.
Last week’s session was absolutely amazing, rich and detailed!


Also note
I will offer a similar retreat in May 2020,
it is an exclusive retreat,
enrollment requires application.
If you are ready to break your unaware limitation as a healer,
offer your services in a more professional way,
and gain more confidence in seeing the big picture of a healing wave-|
You are welcome to apply here!

We will send all details at the end of this month.

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    Wonderful life example full of inspiration!
    Thank you Teresa and thank you Homaya!

    • Homaya

      You are so welcome beloved,
      Hugs to your heart.

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