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Q: What is the purpose in writing grids?

Homaya: Everything is made of sacred geometry and colors, everything already has a grid, and therefore, grids can be written to any purpose: personal transformation, community, relationships, love, communication, self-esteem, spiritual development…

In the beginning, most choose to heal or change what there is especially if it causes suffering and pain. Heal, advance, transform. Pain is here to ask your attention to kindly open a channel of love and connection, wealth and health. I also see in the early steps of the work lots of grids to get or achieve something; it is beautiful, yet mature grids work with deeper levels of self realization.
It is definitely a strong tool. And it works.

The beautiful thing about Light Language is that it works with the highest good of all. Every grid gets you closer. Those, whose practice does not evolve, either get back hooked to the big illusion or drop the work.

And this goes for any spiritual practice!
Keep on doing the inner work. The practice is not for us to become kings and queens; God is not working for us! it is for us to be able to serve better and in grace the primary light source.

Q: So should I expect results?

Homaya: Expect reality. Expect knowing more of your true nature. Expect being closer to the divinity that dwells in you. Wish in accordance with the highest good and be grateful for the results, since from our common point of view – the point of view most of us share – we are not able to see the big picture.

Focus your intentions on the crystal essence of colors and shapes, open your arms to what the universe brings and trust that all you receive is part of your training to realizing the self. This is a beautiful reflection of who you truly are.

Q: Is it a kind of magic?

Homaya: Magic is for those who do not see or feel the process of reality making. It is for those who perceive reality as a narrow dimension. We live in a time where all the esoteric spiritual schools are sharing their wisdom, so we can expand our consciousness and awareness, get closer, see the big picture, see the whole and unite. The masks and veils are taken off. Isn’t it time to wake up and see? And be?

An interview with Homaya for “Zen Magazine”, Portugal part 2/3


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    More and more I realize the importance of creating my reality consciously.
    I remember someone has said: ” If you don´t create your own reality on your own consciously, your reality will be created by others. ”
    How true!
    Light Language is the alphabet of the consciousness and with consciousness, we create our world.

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