My love,
if you wonder what it takes
to expand the reach of your light services
I want us to touch something
quite fundamental today.

Because it seems takes time
until a healer can say to himself
and to the world
that indeed
He is a healer.

“I am a healer.”

Try saying it now, intentionally,
say it out loud, in your room,
or in the next conversation you’ll have
with your mother or a complete stranger
and feel how it feels.

Let me know if this is your inner experience:
although you feel that you’re fully committed
still there is an internal echo to this declaration,
even when you feel
courageous enough
to say it during the airport security check,
and peaceful enough
to be it, in the presence of your uncle.

For years my internal echo was,
“Would I be understood and welcomed?”
and I am aware that many of my students had
doubts such as
“Am I going to be judged?”
“Is there a disrespectful look coming…?”
“They have seen my past; they know who I was, am I good enough to be a healer?”
(this one might come with a big ‘Good Enough’ image one try to fulfill leading to a stress loop)
And there is also
“How can I offer healing while I am still not feeling stable emotionally or energetically?”
“If healing is heavenly guided – why do I need to put so much effort to make a living out of it?”

I have a long list of reasons why
it takes time to arrive to the ripeness
of just saying THE THING:
From past lives memories of witch-hunting
to not holding a lucid, clear definition of what is a healer,
a type of definition that keeps you open,
like you want to feel and be,
and at the same time layout of confidante statement
that support the interaction with your future clients
(and your new friends)
to be rich, vital and engaging.

There is an exceptional magnetism that shines from the aura
of the one with serine confidence.

Feeling super comfortable
with exposing out to the world
this esoteric craft you are doing
and being able to speak about it publicly
will not only bring more clients to your healing sessions,
it will amplify the effect of your healing transmission
Just there, in the middle of the healing session
in your sacred space.

My gift to you today, my love,
is a sweet injection of bravery.

you need to have some level of courage to be a healer,
and a spiritual leader.

Some level of strength
for an upgraded version of reality
to be consciously channeled through you,
giving birth to the future,
bringing lives to life.

And some level of boldness
to transform darkness into light,
to cut the bullshit that takes one down,
to tear the sea apart,
to bypass the mind,
to get lost in immensity
and come back

This boldness is needed,
not in the presence of the world and life situations,
this boldness is needed
for you to face your own limiting self-image,
bypass your ego
and let divinity

I love you!


P.S – Come to meet me on tuesday’s #livelight session (on my facebook page)
we go deeper in that power of bravery,
but please feed me with your insights, here in the comment section of the blog,
So I know how to relate right where you need it.

Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. As I’ve joined your Limitless Transmission class, I’m sometimes feeling overhelmed or doubting my abilities… Although I know I have the potential to heal – people around me keep telling me – for a long time I was (falsely) shy, didn’t believe in myself or tried to hide my gifts from the world. In the work with my inner child I realised I couldn’t show it, because it was just too strong to stand it. But as you support us so lovingly with your approach and also these articles, I realised I just HAVE to be brave and show this, be able openly to talk about it. This is part of the process – to let the divine light shine and to tell the people it exists. Have to courage to do so.
    Thank you so much, Homaya.

  2. Beloved Homaya,
    I’ve understood that I’m not starting being a healer also because my fear is that I won’t be free.
    The fear of never being able to move once I started with those people!

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