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Most people encourage a sense of dissatisfaction, frustration and struggle, with a tendency to forget the richness of their gifts, to lose access to the natural tools and to maintain resistance to what comes their way without seeing the blessing and the open channels in what there is .

Those natural tools are not out of our reach! Those are raw materials available daily. If you experience the feelings of frustration and lack of fulfilment – most likely you do not use them correctly.

The personal and collective evolution depends on human abilities to recognize his Big Picture ,
Which includes large areas of obvious and mystery , accept with love the tools and materials provided to him,
Experience all that exist from this absolute perspective where he owns those areas!

In the following list there are a random collection of situations, energies, tools and raw materials.

Go over the list and note to yourself –
In the most direct and simple way from a state of curiosity, free of judgments :
What is the meaning of those things for me?

In sacred space and with attention
Try to sense what are relevant situations and examples for you,
And refer to all the four following parameters:
How these things taken or given you energy,
How you gave or take energy from it?
Anger – an energy that gets awaken when something or someone pass your borderline significantly.
Passion – a deep passion or great desire to a person, food, activity, achievement and any other kinds of great stuff.
Failure – action and energy input that did not produce the desired results. Oops .
Mistake – recognition that the decision made and the actions taken do not contribute to the situation. Another oops .
Injury – situations of rapid and unexpected aggravation in the whole situation.
Compliment – a positive, encouraging and joyous external feedback.
Inflammation – desperate attempts of the life force to handle the problem for you / desperate call for help of the power of life due to your inability to respond.
Wall – a limit that cannot be passes / problem that cannot be handle or something to lean on…?
Path – concentration of energy in a particular direction.
Tip – something that draws you a possible path.
Depression – falling into the pit … sometimes seems bottomless.
Fatigue – significant lack of energy.
Will – a great interest, desire, need and request of something such as experience, experiment, fulfilment etc.


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