The beginning of your healer life and three aspects to review when you face resistance

Beautiful one,

We’re going through a period that pushes us to
evolve, upgrade our genes, re-invent ourselves,
serve better.

Let’s take advantage of the evolutionary journey of a healer
we are reviewing now,
in order to support you in YOUR evolutionary process.

Because we are now exploring
the baby healer period!
And like in any aspect of life,
also in your healing services,
if you find yourself stuck in one place,
If it’s time to change
and you’re facing resistance,
you want to tap into the little one in you
(ah ha… yes, your inner child)
and check
how the baby-master is feeling???

The relation is clear
you’re free, happy and creative,
just as your inner child is.

As a healer, your ‘healer inner child’ gives you
the feeling of confidence,
and the trust in your wings,
which can determine how high you’ll soar
and how bright you’ll beam with your light services.

Before we dive deeper, I want us to be clear:
I’m not relating here to YOUR inner child,
rather to the part of you who morphed
at the first period that you started to explore what healing is
and how it feels within you.

It starts when you find your soul family.

Your “baby healer” (eventually baby master)
comes to life when you start owning your light
and encounter your soul family,
through books, videos,
vivid dreams, teachers and lightworkers.

One mind blowing book,
or a tribe embrace under the stars
In whatever forms it show up
the feeling is wonderful-
finally, you feel connected to parts in you
you never dare to name,
your sensitivity has sense,
you feel connected
you feel belonging.

Funny enough,
all the parts that were not understood
in your blood and earth family
are now reasonable,
you are not crazy!!!

Embraced by your light tribe
who show themselves to you in an endless way
your crystals wings are being seen
first and foremost by you.

You start learning,
without any wish to stop,
Your throat was longing for this nectar.
Initiation after initiation, your light body
Is becoming stronger and stronger.

You dare to experiment
how to direct energy, intentionally,
how to better use your antennas,
and your sense of purpose is awakened!

Under the grace of the teachings
in love with your teachers,
drunk from the joy of feeling whole.

As blissful as it might sound
and feel…
There are also a few challenges in this baby period
of your healer life.

Allow yourself to see where your inner baby healer
may hold unresolved issues and resistance
for you to shine brighter
and evolve as a healer.

the baby healer

Trusting the spirit

Because this period is warped with so much grace and support,
it has the ability to clear old paradigms, dissolve irrational belief systems,
shift thought forms and more.

Still, trusting the spirit to also clear the stubborn survival mode mechanisms,
might be challenging.

Like a newborn can still be attached to his past life lessons,
your inner child healer can hold to limiting beliefs
about spirit and spirituality,
natural healing and light work
and about your own self.

It’s like you do not give yourself the permission
to fully enjoy the grace party that was prepared for you.

You can’t go back to being a baby
but you can ask yourself
what can you do to enjoy more
and open up more,
in the NOW moment?

Staying innocence

Regardless of your physical age,
the baby healer is a baby.
Naivety and innocence are its gifts.

You do not KNOW
you’re exploring tools and wakening your wisdom,
you are going through this stage in order to be nourished
you don’t need to change your teachers, the teachings,
your family, not even yourself!
You also do not need to change the way things are.

The key to clear that attitude is to
let go of trying to impose the material laws
on the spiritual laws.
( It doesn’t work, any case)

Go and serve, exactly as you are

A baby healer can hold resistance
Through a silent refuse to serve light,
instead you continue learning, or keeping yourself small.

However- the moment will arrive
to start accepting clients,
unfamiliar people, complex cases.

Go there, although you are still learning,
Spirit would not serve you what you can not co-create with.

Accepting to serve more means you open your heart.
Let go of the risks you might feel under the responsibility.
your crown is in a constant healthy opening
in addition to your heart and third eye.

All babies want to be big,
not all of them want to mature.


It is a time full of grace for any light worker,
However you can’t stay in it forever…

The next stage is the adolescent healer.
Which we’ll explore next time, beloved.
For now,
share with me about your experience of being found,
belonging to your beautiful light family.
dream back to the beginning
and share in the comments below this blog some small piece of your time
as a Baby Healer.

And as usual, we will chat on the importance of the challenging transition
of evolving away from the baby healer
in the live light session on Tuesday September 8th  ,15:00 GMT
You can meet me in my facebook page
(add that to your calendar)

I look forward to your comments, below this post, dear one.

PS. Just to get you started, I knew I had found my soul family when I first stumbled upon the book Shamanism by Jordan McClellan,
although I looked all over to find it for you, I couldn’t find a link, have you read this book?
Teresa Moorey’s book about shamanism was the second book that showed me that my spiritual path was preplanned.

Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. My experience of connecting with my Light family was a relief. Meeting and remembering the deeper truths of myself, remembering that there is infinite healing potential within us. The beginnings of meeting my Light tribe was paradigm shifting! Very grateful for that!
    Thanks for the guidance to the ‘healer inner child’ as you have explained it, I will connect more with this vibration to uncover the unresolved issues and resistances to Opening more as a healer.
    Thank you for the Article Homaya, looking forward to the Live light!

    1. yes, beloved, I know exactly what you mean, soul family feels very near to coming back home, to where we belong.
      Thank you for sharing and thank you for doing your inner work.
      Love you!

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