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It is well known that most living people have 2 active DNA strands in the physical body. Research shows that there are people born with 3 DNA strand active in the physical body. Shamans, Masters and new science are indicating that we have 10 more DNA strands in our energy field, in our Aura. People who developed themselves spiritually, energetically, have 2 of those 10 in their crown chakra.
All together we have 12 strands. All of them are located in different places in our energy field.
The teaching that passes down and nourished from Mexican and Korean traditions, defines each DNA strand with its own quality and uniqueness, such as Initiator, Harmony, Senses, Resonance, Intelligence and more.

The 12 DNA strands have correspondence in many traditions, religions and lands, aspects of the strands are presented in the sacred breastplate gems, the 12 tribes of Israel, the Chinese astrology, the Greek gods, the Hanafuda flowered, Atlantic (Ropanium) gods, and more.

Different people carry different strands combination active in their body, crown and in the aura filed. The combination design your life lessons and your spiritual lessons. The position of the strands, how compact they are and few other characteristic influences how we are and the way we participate in our life. In total we can say that it is shaping the way you experience yourself, and your life.

It seems that one cannot change in a lifetime the type of strands active in his body, and in the aura, yet – with a certain energetic technique, that was passed down through Curanderos lineage, one can compact the DNA strand and set them slowly in place that support a smooth flow and graceful evolution, as well as directing additional strand to merge with the physical ones, as it is entered through the crown.

Mayan DNA Class is being taught in 3 levels,
The information shared here is relevant to the first level of the Mayan DNA – the healing.


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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you, beloved Homaya for this interesting article, maybe you will be able to teach this course in Israel in the future.

    1. Thank you dear @Gilda Elena Boggio for your loving feedback,
      There is a chance that I will be teaching this course again in Israel in 2019.
      you are also invited to check about the possibilities for private initiations.
      bless you!

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