Sign from the universe, synchronicity and a special type of attention. Beloved, consider this email like a card you picked from your tarot deck. There is a cosmic movement in the universe that made you open this email today.Especially you. Especially now. Something in your prayers for this year, something in the breakthrough that you… Continue reading CIRCELE OF ATTENTION [Text]


The healer state of awareness that can clear the victim out In this special time, Of quarantine, I notice people are getting more and more out of alignment, Out of their center.   But this time is not that different from any other global shift. It is weaved into our reality, in phases, moving patches… Continue reading HELP DOES NOT SUPPORT [Text]


Half of the world is instructed to be still now that the first spring of a new decade is at the door The most simple way, for the healer of the world, to have healthy boundaries and clear vision My love, I find that taking a step backwards Even two or three steps, Is one… Continue reading LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE [Text]


 something good you can do next time you have a breakdown The rapport you have with life’s circumstances influence your spiritual evolution. This week was super challenging for me, I found myself frustrated, with tears, When I realised that I couldn’t follow up with a commitment I took. The gap between what I could envision… Continue reading SELF INITIATION [Text]


Describing your work as a healer Is it like reiki? Is it Theta healing? I have been asked what I do in many different ways on many different occasions. Describing what I do as a healer is a challenge, as I myself needed to undo the action, breakdown the seen, and gradually over the years… Continue reading THREE KINDS OF HEALING [Text]


The Ribbons of My Truth have lead to my life Changes It happened in a day. I got the lightning. The moment of my spiritual incarnation came when I was in my 30’s. That day was the climax of a series of events that occurred over several months before and after. Though I was totally… Continue reading FACING THE UNKNOWN [Text]


The lessons I (Re)Learned in 2017, What can you learn from it and what’s going to be different this year…?   Well, my love… 2017 wasn’t an ordinary year for me, I called it the year of Tsunami, Since many things were washed away from my life.   * I Asked For It.    I asked for… Continue reading THE LESSONS I (RE)LEARNED [Gift]


Are you like me, a water lover? Water is so multidimensional, so ancient and completely fresh at the same moment. So nourishing for the body and soul. It is powerful!  Can go up and down, become solid or merge with the air, carrying your prayers to the thin air… Bringing in rain showers of abundance… It… Continue reading WATER REMEDY [Playlist]

Let’s ask the cards – what do you wish for New Year’s?

You can’t just open the Tarot. I mean – you can… But it won’t produce any different effect from the regular way your “read”  what life is reflecting back to you. And in that sense… it would not reveal anything new, for you.     So for a good opening… You would like to raise your vibration (intention and… Continue reading Let’s ask the cards – what do you wish for New Year’s?


Let’s see this video as a living prayer as an invitation to really expand the consciousness to infinity as infinity.   To release the choice to limit our perception according to the imprints we made upon the visible, To raise above the definitions we choose to give for each moment and phenomenon – by that fixing the flow… Continue reading SPIRIT IS MATTER [Video]