How many courses does it take to be a healer? [Text]

Hello my love, I didn't quite realize what was happening the first time I participated in a healing class. The honest truth: I didn't even understand what healing was all about. Now I can’t even count how many classes I have participated in since then, How many hours of learning, How many invitations, How many… Continue reading How many courses does it take to be a healer? [Text]


I was quite suspicious at first… Recently one of my beloved students sent me a DM via Instagram to let me know that my sacred teaching and voice are included in a video that is a compilation of many teachings. Existed, I started watching and… It took me some time to digest what I am… Continue reading LOOK WHAT I FOUND! [VIDEO]

Liberate yourself [Text]

The impact of vows, oaths, and contracts on your life course. Sometimes, you just can’t put your finger on what is holding you back. Why you can’t advance on your path or breakthrough some limitation? How come you addressed so much healing and light to a certain pattern and you still can’t change a certain… Continue reading Liberate yourself [Text]


Leveling up as Light workers   Sacred Space vs Practical Tools   I have had some requests to share some practical things about ‘Windows to the Universe .’ The problem is that there are not so many practical things to share. At this point in time  and space- ‘Windows to the Universe’ does not offer any… Continue reading BIO-COSMIC WISDOM [Text]


LOVELIES!!! We are celebrating 3 years of this Spiritual blog! 3 years that I have been writing to you, thinking of you and caring for you. Regardless of any class, workshop or meeting we might experience together. I am in love. And anytime you write me back, anytime you come though the screen, show yourself… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTING THE BEST [Text]


I often get guidance from my innermost love. Love is a healing force.  Before I could become a healer, I had to experience the force of being healed. I used to be so uncomfortable with myself, I was so complex, my hypersensitivity was a burden, I could say I was not loving myself, which is… Continue reading LOVE IS MY SPIRIT GUIDE [Text]


In my last blog post, I explained that I took the year off from actively teaching which created space to expand into something new. I want to share with you a glimpse of that expansion. On my desk, Next to the books that inspire me, And the crystals that I’ve received from special people I… Continue reading CHANNELING ANEW [Text]


Ever so easy to trace where you are. Your smell leaves a tender glow. Still, I miss you. I see you and feel you. I touch you now. Here You are. Restless. Once again. I long for you. I grab my barefoot priestess dress and run to build the temple. Used my own bones and… Continue reading WHEN LOVE WAS BORN [Gift]


Recently, while I was searching for a new book for my boy, I got a strong flashback to my childhood. 9 pm was bedtime at our house. We had to turn off the lights and dive into sleeping mode, but once in bed, I would keep my light on so I could read. In time… Continue reading RECOMMENDED BOOKS FOR BEGINNING [Text]


Music is a key for inspiration.   In my workshops I play with music to open portals and pave paths for elevated states of consciousness. It is the “massage oil” I use to massage the energetic bodies, to prepare them for the journey ahead, and support integration.   Many times you’ve asked me to get a copy… Continue reading ‘HOMAYA AIRLINES’ PLAYLIST [Gift]