Even in holistic medicine, most of us (healers, healees, and self-healing), tend to offer healing, focusing on the problem and its manifested phenomenon. Healing techniques are aiming to cure and resolve specific problems while methodologies and approach are composing an overall attitude to all that doesn’t function. We are all conditioned to read the black… Continue reading BEYOND HOLISTIC [Text]


Along the way, my masters gave me many indications how to improve as a healer and space holder, and what will strengthen my energetic work and brighten its quality. Here are a few precious gems: 1. The way that I’m connected, 2. How pure I am, 3. How clean is the floor that I’m standing on… Continue reading THE SENSITIVE HEALER [Text]


In the blissful act of healing… With your heart, with your etheric hands, with light and care, you want to touch the place where distortion started; you want to reach the Original Cause. Superficial phenomena might peak your interest, since they have the ability to transform into a new discomfort, appearing as health for a… Continue reading TOUCH THE ORIGINAL [Text]


The natural healing process indicates that after the tears –  comes spring, After going through your winter – you will bloom, After your process – light comes, After the breakdown – there is a breakthrough, After really healing it all, to the depth- you will shine. And it’s true. Yet the shape it will take in your reality, depends… Continue reading THERE’S NOTHING BUT SPRING [Video]

HOW “I” HEAL [Video]

There are 3 main ways to play with Healing Energies, 1. Using a specific healing technique, meaning, activating certain mudras and hands positions, 2. Generating precise vibration, dimensions, brainwave etc… 3. Tuning into the place in the energetic field (aura), that is longing to experience light, healing and elevation. Those who have participated in my Activities,… Continue reading HOW “I” HEAL [Video]


By: Homaya Amar & Yuval Rivlin To read the article in other languages, see below.   Integrating every aspect of the human being is the only way to clean and heal ourselves, as well as elevate and transform various areas in our lives, such as opening up to intimate relationships, expanding to higher levels of… Continue reading MULTI LEVEL HEALING [Text]


By: Homaya Amar & Yuval Rivlin To read the article in other languages, see below. The nature of life is of constant growth. So is your nature. Growth and development essentially consist of cleansing and empowering cycles of body and soul, spirit and matter. The cleansing cycles release everything that has stopped supporting the purpose… Continue reading THE NATURE OF HEALING [Text]