Recently, while I was searching for a new book for my boy,
I got a strong flashback to my childhood.

9 pm was bedtime at our house.
We had to turn off the lights and dive into sleeping mode,
but once in bed, I would keep my light on so I could read.
In time I developed the ability to keep alert while reading.
I was listening for the sound of my mother climbing up the stairs.
When I heard her coming, I would turn the light off, s i l e n t l y, and wait for her to enter her room.
When I knew she was in bed and I was no longer in danger of being discovered, I would turn the light on and continue reading until I could not hold my eyes open anymore.

I LOVE books,
I find them holy,
a vivid parallel universe,
A suitcase of wisdom,
A temple of words.

I ADORE empty notebooks.
The freedom,
An endless landscape,
nothing is captured, nowhere to escape,
no fascinating concepts,
all is possible.

In both, the books and the empty notebooks
you can arrive home
but you can also get lost.

By lost, I mean that you can adopt a new paradigm, mentally embrace some belief systems,
or think that you “know” without it being a living truth.
When you get lost in a book in this way, you increase your mind clutter.

When it comes to spirituality and energetic healing,
it is mega important that you are able to stay empty and fresh while you are drinking a book,
that you take the book as a teacher, as an inspiration,
and then you try it yourself.
You write your own bible
in your transparent ink of life.

Because you can’t learn healing from a book,
and you can’t understand divinity.
You have to live it.

I wanted to begin with that disclaimer
because I’ve had many requests for what books to read when you are in the first stages of energetic healing practice, and when you are entering the spiritual realm.

Hence here is my list,
My books for Beginning with energy healing and spirituality.
Read them and receive their wisdom,
it will become your wisdom when the reading and understanding transform into an experience.
In this way, you will find yourself coming back home.

1. Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan
2. Anatomy of Spirit, Sacred Contracts by Carolin Myss
3. The Power of Now, New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
4. Initiation by Elisabeth Haich
5. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
6. Only Fear Dies by Barry Long
7. The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth by Douglas Harding
8. Love Poems For God from 12 sacred voices from the east
9. The Music of Life by Hazrat Inayat Khan
10. I am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj

I have immense gratitude for these authors who shared their deepest wisdom
and made it transparent for us all.
They are opening new portals in the collective consciousness.

I also offer my love to the words who humbly gathered on these pages to serve.
May you know the childlike joy of staying up past bedtime to read a few more of them.

I invite you to make this post a book collection-
Add your recommended book,
the one that made you see yourself and life,
the one that draws a roadmap to the unknown land of mystery.

I love you!
I am eager to read your comment.

Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Thankyou for this list 🙂 it’s been a long time since I ve felt a passionate calling to read a book. I’ve read some of these and they were very good I remember. “The Mozart Effect” was interesting. “Seagull”by Livingston and The Alchemist by Coelho are such classics…. my goodness there is so many 🙂 xo

  2. The education of Little Tree has been such an eyeopener on what ‘traditional’ spiritual education can mean. (There is also a movie made based on the book, and a good one). Though I haven’t met anyone who also knew of this book. So I definitely back up this book recommendation!

    1. Dear Homaya, Thank you for these book tips. I myself am reading the book ‘Calling the circle’ by Christina Baldwin. It touches me deeply and resonates with me strongly in these times where we seem to be ‘re-circling’ ourselves (and with others). ‘Initiation’ was a book on one of my parents’ many bookshelves. My eyes slid over the cover a hundred times during my childhood. One day, 10 years ago, the book was calling me. After having seen it for so many times, I had to know what it was about! And it was, an eye-opener indeed! Last year, when I went to the osteopath, he showed me spontaneously Hands of Light. The book was calling me and I told myself not to be too impulsive. I asked the universe to give me 2 more (clear) signs in a short time. They came out of the blue in the next days. :)I find it fascinating how books ‘call us’ in the right time in their own way.

      1. Merel! so good to hear from you.
        I feel that initiation especially, and many other books as well,
        are initiations.
        Eckhart Tolle wrote in the ‘forward’ of his book that reading the book is an initiation.
        Thank you for the “education of a little boy” I’ll look it over.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, dear Homaya

    The books that have touched my heart recently

    “Invitation to Freedom” by Mooji
    “Nothing ever happened” the biography of Papaji
    “The Winds of Your Heart” by Emahó
    Just occured to me that Emahó is Homaya, the other way round 🙂
    I read somewhere that it literally means the auspiciois blessing of the Divine union of the male and female energies that run creation.

    If I may express here, much blessings and gratitude to him, he has touched me in such a deep way through his words, teachings and the fire dance..Also, many blessings as he is currently undergoing tratment for his leg…

    Much love to all

    1. Sweet Tanya, Thank you so much for writing and sharing,
      Thank you for your poetry
      and for introducing Emahó to me.
      I feel love and strong connection.
      I hug you with joy and many blessings.

  4. dear Homaya, thank you for sharing these wonderful books. Reading is for me one if the most beautiful gifts. I would love to add one book that I read at the beginning of my spiritual way and that is never far away from me. It’s a magical book, I often open it and I receive the message I need to read 🙂 it is “women who run with the wolves – Myths and Stories of the Wild woman archetype”
    with love,

  5. Thank you,
    I add to the list a jewel: The education of Little tree, by Forrest Carter

    and all the 4 books of Eva Pierrakos : The Pathwork of self transformation;
    Fear no evil, the pathwork method to transform the lower self;
    Creating Union;
    Surrender to god within.
    I walk on this path from years, and I am really glad to suggest to everyone.

      1. The education of Little Tree has been such an eyeopener on what ‘traditional’ spiritual education can mean. (There is also a movie made based on the book, and a good one). Though I haven’t met anyone who also knew of this book. So I definitely back up this book recommendation!

  6. Thank you Homaya for sharing these jewels 🤗
    The book that transformed the way I perceived life was “Conversations with god” by Neal Donald Walsh. I read the 3 volumes and some more, but the book that really made an impact in My life was the first book.
    What a precious gift.
    Part of who I am.

    Much love and light

  7. Thank you!
    So beautiful to feel you in this way, a child under the covers with your Spirit so high!
    Dancing with angels 🙂
    I add to this list: The last barrier / Reshad Feild
    Such a good one to travel inwards with!

    1. 🙂 Yes, reading writing and drawing were my favorite friends.

      Thank you for the book recommendation, It is the first time I hear about it, and from a short internet search- it feels good!

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