LOVELIES!!! We are celebrating 3 years of this Spiritual blog!
3 years that I have been writing to you, thinking of you and caring for you.
Regardless of any class, workshop or meeting we might experience together.
I am in love.

And anytime you write me back, anytime you come though the screen, show yourself to me,
Any question, any part of your life that you share with me,
Is a celebration.
Every heart that is clicked on the post, anytime I observe the content of this spiritual blog on social media- because someone shared-
Is a sign of your love, and of our connection.
I am grateful!

Similar to the last 2 years
We are completing the year by highlighting the 6 most read posts.

I added a new bright factor in the description of each of these posts.

Enjoy again these pieces that received the most comments, the most likes, the most views and the most shares this year.

Read them over and find new pearls you could not grasp before.

Your mind can surrender

A light-filled reminder of your loving immensity.
Bookmark it – as it is especially helpful for the moments your mind takes you to a crazy places.
This post is a poetic tonic gold,
You want to stay in its bliss.

Lighten up your self-judgment

Powerful medicine to support you as you are shaking your self-judgment and on your journey towards being mask free, luminously real.

Liberation from Spiritual conditioning

A mirror we really look at- the one that can show us how we conditioned ourselves spiritually.
For the true freedom seekers- it is a must, a rarely encountered liberation code.

Facing the unknown

Through sharing my first spiritual awakening experience, you are invited to reconnect to the blessings of manifesting life BEYOND all that you could ever imagine!
I call it welcoming graceful presence.

Channeling Anew

Where you can get a download for your clear channeling stream and a glimpse of the amazing process of channeling ‘Windows to the Universe.’

Upgraded chakra system

Uncovering the energetic structure of “Windows to the Universe” – the matrix of alignment and attunement with your unique essence and life.
Plus a sample of Universal Heart Chakra Initiation- that sparks your heart to its real size- the infinite.


Such a pleasure to be able to share all that with you!

And now- back to you, beloved

If there is any other post that touched you and influenced you?
I would love to know about it. Share with me in the comments below.

super important,
if there is anything that you would like me to share and write about- any specific question on your heart- don’t hold back, share with me, and let me know as it is for our entire spiritual blog gang!

Thank you for being with me in this path of delightful liberation,
I love you beyond any measure!

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