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SPIRIT IS MATTER [Video] - Homaya.org


Let’s see this video
as a living prayer
as an invitation
to really expand the consciousness
to infinity
as infinity.
To release the choice to limit our perception
according to the imprints we made upon the visible,
To raise above the definitions we choose to give
for each moment and phenomenon --
by that fixing the flow of eternal splendour we are bathing in --
and instead,
accept the motion of eternity
AND our definitions,
A prayer to accept the winter and the summer
as a sequence of revelations,
You and I as one breath

and Matter as Spirit


It’s an opportunity to deconstruct any limitation we took upon ourselves
by separating Spirit and Matter
and there are so many of these..
things that were ‘too material’ or ‘not enough spiritual’
like money, food, clothes, houses and even people..
as if something can truly exist if it is not a manifestation of the divine?
I invite you to watch the video from this conscious vibration,
reminding you I am here, and I invite you to chat with me directly here in the comment section,

about anything that may rise up from this video,

  • Where in your consciousness exists a separation between spirit and matter?
  • and what is your personal prayer?
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