About four years ago, I was visiting my dear master Starr,
at the last day of my visit she loaded me with 32 new classes she felt I should teach.
That was BIG,
I was impressed and overwhelmed.

And at the same time, part of me didn’t connect to this expansion in my teaching.

I love teaching, you know that, right?
I love being in this sacred space
seeing the faces of the people shifting, some instantly, some gradually,
I melt in bliss as the number of the sparkling eyes grows
until there is nothing but light in the room.

I also love teaching, and healing, because it is my way to evolve.

Within every class, session and Night-school,
my consciousness expands, my ‘spiritual muscles’ become stronger, my heart generates more love,
my inner navigation is becomes better, and my ability to trace the way energy moves is more accurate.
All this growth burns away anything that does not resonate equally,
and it

But at the time my teacher gave me these new classes, I knew that teaching, as I was teaching until now, would not be the next step for me.

Gomme, my son, was the next step. A step I could not yet imagine.

Another step was more intentional and still enigmatic.
I knew I wished to train healers and teachers to mastery,
And to create a platform that increases self-awareness for the next generations.
I had no idea, and no plan how to make it happen.
I just knew that this was what I am supposed to do.

So last year, I took twelve months off from actively teaching.

I needed to rest, to have a new perspective,
and among many reasons I also felt that the way I was teaching until now, must change,
I felt I needed to evolve within it differently.

Like the words of a very wise man that I love:
“Sometimes to climb a mountain, you need go down from the mountain you are on.”

It is a precious time for me, I am not ready for it to end,
Although it is blended with moments of frustration and impatience, in the face of the unknown.

More time to myself is so nourishing and valuable,
it gives me the possibility to wander around in my inner world, and to invest time and energy in things I wanted to do for a long time.

It has provided the space for me to retreat, to reflect, to get lost, to expand, to explore new vibrations and as the seasons change- to birth something new,
which is happening this days.

I can’t wait to share more with you next time, but for now, tell me in the comments.

Where can you make space for expansion in your life? Is there something, even a good something, you might need to release in order to invite a new thing in?

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  • Avatar

    thank you for this sharing and inspiration!!!

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Bless you, my dear, Thank you for taking the time, and sharing your gratitude and love!

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    Dear Homaya,
    I took also a year off, from work, to study in university. But this was just the excuse. A whole year can open you to nuances and profound details about yourself, about nature, about environment – in the inner and external deepest levels. All of a sudden a new world, not to say a new universe is emerging, with glorious insight and gifts, and this is delightful indeed. Wish u all the best in your journey, eternity explorations, and more wisdom to come.
    Love from Israel

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Hello lovely, thank you for sharing, and happy for your year off.
      Yes, definitely the whole universe reopen, in a whole new level.
      Thank you for your wishes, wishing you an expansion of light and inner connection in that year!

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    Marie c

    Feel so happy for you homaya. For this the space between, when source call us from the emptyness to savoure and expand itself.
    In the grace of this intimicy.
    Blessings to you and your family.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Thank you so much for your loving and caring words.
      I have so much pleasure and such a deep intimacy with this creation that I just want to go deeper and deeper into it.
      I hug you with love, a sweet light you are!

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    the only true space I find inside of me, in silence. in the suspension of thought and in remaining pure Being. At that point there are no more decisions to make … life flows. And everything is left without leaving anything.

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      I echo so much, thank you for your poetic writing that touches my heart. + Thank you for reading and following my journey. Much much love for you!

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    Alda Lopes

    Hello Sweet Homaya!
    I have been receiving your words, your reflections, i have been mirroring some of them…
    And this one really synchronizes with my life. I have decided to stop teaching by the end of July (making a effort to respect the schedule of the school) I will also stay one year without teaching, taking my time to understand what needs to change inside myself. Really don’t want to teach like this anymore. I looked inside and saw no motivation, no value, no sparkle, no creativity, no joy in myself… and understood that I needed to stop. I have never imagined this would happen to me, as I thought all my life would be happy doing this. Teaching made me happy for so many years!
    So… that will be my search for one year: the sparkle, the leap of faith, the very best and wonderful unknown of recovering my joy 😊

    Miss you!

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Alda, my sweet love! I’m so happy to read this note from you!
      It is a strong decision and from reading your words came another realization,
      Those changes are not only private, clearly, we need our self – fresh and joyful, and at the same time, the world needs us like that.
      There are many global changes that are happening, relationships are changing, education is changing, taking the time off and finding ourselves in a new position in our creation, is part of the universal changes, we flow with the streams that life takes us.
      I wish to a wonderful year! a year of rest, joy, discoveries and LOVE!
      Hugs of light to you, beloved.

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    Ana Paula Abreu Martins

    Power full post! I feel myself in you, I feel yourself in me :-). Today I woke up with this idea of decompressing simplicity, or simplify simplicity, and I woke up with this thought in a sense that it is all done. Like if it is already a surrendering taking place in my physical body and this post you share is nourishing this process. So amazing. This sharing of getting out of the mountain we’re on, in order to climb THE Mountain is also as simplicity, so clear, and yet each step is surrendering… like all ‘undoing’ is actually ‘unraveling’, and I feel this unraveling not as a new understanding, but as a natural becoming… I invite the total release of fear in the face of this truth becoming, facing the natural step of walking and working truly and totally in this heart path that I love. I invite myself to get down of this mountain that holds me back, easily, gently and with loving courage! Done it is, for US ALL! Love you Beloved Master, Grateful

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Sweet love, this is wonderful to witness your prayer.
      there are motions that are starting way back in time and gradually become present.
      You might find that you are already surfing down the hill for so long time, magnetized to the whispers of your naked heart.
      ALl is one motion, we surrender, we tune, we rise.
      Love you, beloved, so happy to see you soon!

  • Avatar

    So funny to discover that this “feeling” I had of you every time I had you on my mind has now an answer !!! I could sense Something was happening with you, a sort of “distance” you took from what I experienced with you ! So, yes Indeed, things change … and for the best.Even when it hurts.
    My small life has taken also a shift, most of my believes have melted like ice, I am at the moeent in my “dark night” but I know it will show the light.
    I so hope to see you soon to enjoy your light.
    Lots of Love to you all !!!!

    • Homaya Amar
      Homaya Amar

      Sweetheart, to read the sentence “most of my believes melt like ice” brings so much joy to me, this is an internal change that allows wonderful things to be born.
      It might sound different but it seems very similar to what I shared.
      Next blog post I’m elaborating on that more…;)
      Love you!

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