Energetic template, imprint, blueprint and soul purpose

The light of consciousness is ever free and formless,
Or maybe we can also call it, just for today, form-full.

Somehow, the formless nature carries the force of forming shapes and orders within its abstraction.
The world of shapes and Maya come to live, in any single moment, projected as reality.

Many times I wonder how the movement is projected, how the story is formed.
This animated experience keeps on taking me to the mystery of birthing souls and the infusion of soul purpose.

I had the privilege to receive the touch of grace when I entered my 30th year,
it came together with awakening to my soul calling and my life purpose.
That powerful and vivid experience clarified and brought (and still brings)
vast dimensions to the meaning of soul purpose.

Let me share with you and bring light to this topic:

Just as in sacred geometry we have the father and mother of all shapes,
which permeate to the five major solid forms (and later evolved to all forms),
in the formation of a soul’s ‘journey of materialization’
there are layers of premier crystallizations.

This journey occurs prior to what we know as soul contract.
You can also think of it in a similar way to the biological description of kingdom,
family, tribe, species, race and breed – all layers or traits.


An energetic template is the grouping of cardinal traits on which the core characteristic will eventually grow.
It’s a free flowing multidimensional chart that marks canals,
pivots and platforms through which the fragrance of the
soul will be experienced in someone’s life.

This is the energetic structure upon which the entire soul formation will start to shape in time and beyond.

Here you can find the perception of light and conscience, the celestial and material links,
transcendental, cosmic and spiritual capacities, the impact of the chakras and energetic body,
the type of presence of the magnetic and electric forces, main life challenges,
the connection and relation between significant life aspects, and more.

If you follow the content I share and the GreenHouse,
you know by now that all empathic, intuitive, psychic and sensitive people
have a common energetic template.



The soul Imprint is based upon your Energetic Template.
Since we are relating to something that is defined in a hyper-dimensional realm,
we can describe it both as a layer upon the Template and as an extraction from the Template’s Imprint.

Your Imprint contains a group of applications of what was traced in the Template you carry.
This is a dynamic variation, because a specific Imprint can not shade the entire template
and it is always in contact with other types of Imprints of that template.

An Imprint highlights and emphasizes various combinations of the Template’s aspects.
Here, the soul’s influence on the human experience is becoming more alive,
and it will direct the emotional body, the mental body and even physical tendencies to some extent.

Your higher purpose is encrypted in your Soul Imprint!

I have mapped the four main imprints of the Empath and Intuitive Template,
and you will be able to find yours through answering a set of questions I prepared for you,
so tune in to the emails you get from me in the next few days! Or if you are reading on the blog,
go ahead and subscribe here to receive my light downloads directly to your inbox.


Your Blueprint includes all we have mentioned above and weaves it into relevant scenarios.
That means that the trace of your celestial and galactic belonging,
your electromagnetic patterns and other template aspects are there as a structure covered
with an embroidery of defined personality characteristics, life events, biological conditions,
relationship reflections and more.

It is the specific, unique and irreplaceable master plan of your life.
In it all the relevant conditions are designed and organized in an immaculate way to be revealed to you
in order to support you fulfilling your higher purpose, unique gifts and divine presence.

This is the extension plan that will take final form in space and time for you to evolve through.
However, it is being revealed following the integration of your life lessons.

Your love-form experience.


I will be sharing more about your soul purpose, your template and your imprint in the near future,
so if it is time for your bring your higher purpose to life,
join my (free) Facebook group or follow me on Instagram.

Loving you!


P.S- I make comparisons to species and race not in order to separate and segregate,
but rather for you to understand the progression in a soul journey formation,
but as I said, more on this topic next week.

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