As a lightworker, doing shadow work is not only for your client.


How did becoming a healer happen for you?

Did you choose to be an energetic healer / a spiritual teacher? Or were you  chosen by the great spirit in an unforgettable moment?

In both cases, I am sure that being in the light service feels simultaneously like an extraordinary light shower and a crazy drive on an unpaved trail while ______ (fill in the gap with the thing that feels the most impossible to you)- you know something incredible is happening, but you have no idea where this dragon drive is taking you.


Because, Oh my,

as a light worker we are ever to be aligned with such delicate unseen streams of constant changing consciousness, which requires both living with hypersensitivity to all those subtle vibrations and maintaining super clear boundaries.


What does this alignment look like? Here are some examples you can surely recognize :

–   Feeling profoundly touched by any emotion presenting itself to you and through you while creating and offering a pathway to transmute it all into a greater state of equanimity.

–   Experiencing deep love for all being and being itself while profoundly contemplating and puzzling about the essence of all that which exists.

–   Intuitively and spontaneously shifting low vibrational energies of places, people and situations while maintaining healthy relationship with those involved, as well as appropriate social behavior.

What’s more, we are to do all of this light work while staying sane and saintly.

Facing your shadow sides

Most likely, when you became a healer and a wayshower, you expected to face the dark, but you might not have anticipated that you would be constantly called to face your own shadow side.

The constant enlightening of your shadows is one of the big elements that contributes to the contradicting experience described above.

Especially because in the work of facing your shadows (that seem to enjoy the show), you may not always feel confident and worthy.

Somehow as lightworkers we are expected not to have shadows, what would be better is it we were expected to do our shadow work with great compassion and mastery.

Hilariously enough, many of us are expecting the same from our own teachers and healers,

and leave, run or speak badly when we encounter a teacher’s  shadow.

I remember clearly the moment that I have seen the shadow of one of my teachers, and the time I have seen a shadow side in my master behavior.

I felt shocked, shaken and a little bit lost, I can even say.

It would have been easy to leave, gossip, or complain,

but this was not my response.

Instead I paused and declared within:

“I am here for Mastery, nothing less.

I am here to transcend all into light.

I am here to live light.

I am a master student/teacher/healer

And as such I have the privilege to learn from light

and the brilliant ability to learn from darkness,

as they are all divine, but simply appear differently.”


Once you chose a teacher, it is your job to learn from him.

A good teacher teaches also through his shadow

A great student learns from EVERYTHING!


Enlightening the shadows – From shadow into light

When you are  judging a certain behavior as shadow, you might be missing a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to learn something your mind will never be able to catch.

Overcoming your master’s shadow side might be your best training ever on how to transform any shadow, yours or that of your clients.

In today’s spiritual touristic era, Judging (which is energetically like turning your back to something) or leaving because you have seen someone’s shadow (including your own)

is the easy choice,

not the master choice.

Accepting, compassion, forgiveness, healing, love, laughter, grace- those are a master choice for shadow work.


Beloved, dear master, we all have shadows,
The art is to learn to transmute them, no matter where they shows themselves,
into a blossoming garden of elated glow.

Transforming chaos into life, shadow into light- is the primarily sacred work.

This is at the womb of life creation.

This is the original Divine work.

You were born to do that!

You are the master!

I love you!


Share with me beloved, in the comments below:

What do you do (or what would you like to do) when you meet yours or other people’s shadow?

 What is your ‘shadow work’ style?





Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. DEar Homaya, I am enjozing enormously your texts. I find myaelf in them, a lot.As ancinet healers, we both know that the shadow is usually where the life force of people is hidden, that is where we find our most precisous treasures o urselves and help our fellow human find theirs- I have lived incredibly blissful moments in digging up our own shit or somebody else s. At one point of my practice I became even afraid of getting addicted to ti. I guess it is gettign ot be time for a face to face meeting….

    1. Dear Flavio, Thank you so much for sharing your connection and experience, you put a smile in me.
      I love your way to describe it “shadow is where life force is” – well, not only there, but yes, some precious pure portions on it are there.
      I am assuming from your name that you’re from Portugal? am I right?

  2. Oh… this is a very touching post. To realize that my Teachers/Masters have a shadow, it makes me realize that they are human too, in a path of evolving and growing the light within. I tend to accepted it, with compassion and with love. It is not that they loose power, much more the opposite, they give me strength to go through my shadow work. And yes, sometimes I get lost in the shadow and the victim state try to come over. Thank God there is always something bigger, higher that opens my heart to the truth and makes me see clearly where is the light, and overcome the shadow. To see the shadow on a client is a huge work of compassion and empathy. Thank you so much for this marvelous post and sharing.<3

  3. Dear Homaya, I found illuminating and perfectly coordinated with my life moment, this your post. Thank you. I saw the shadow of my teacher several times, she fell from the pedestal.And still I love her. I needed her, I wanted her to support myself, I wanted to believe that she was perfect and that she could somehow save me and guide me where I did not have the strength to go alone. Now I know why. I needed her shadow, which still persist, because I stood my free flight. Because I did not wait for the whole life to be looked after by her, to have her permission, her blessing. Her shadow made me grow, it was the best service to me, and every time I thank that shadow, because it allows me and pushes me once again to find my strength inside, to move forward, not to wait for someone else do it for me.
    Thanks homaya, I feel it. This post is a great teaching, a great reflexion.

    1. Dear Sara, what a wonderful experience. Every real teacher will detach from you if he or she sees that you want to give him/her your center.
      One of the amazing things in your experience is that it is demonstrating how naming something as a shadow is a state of consciousness.
      I hug you with light and celebrate your growth and strength!

  4. staying with whats is arising, forgivness , understanding, gratitude .
    praying ,
    and somtine getting lost in it,
    feeling sorry for myself and abandon, and then coming back to the heart

    1. Sometimes we feel sorry, lost, hopeless and helpless – clearly not because this is what we truly are- rather because we feel how dominant the shadow is.
      Many times it happens when we clean our shadow. only then- when they come forth to the light- we can see and feel them so strong.

  5. I am very much challenged by the shadow part of me and other people. For a long period, I was not able to see the shadows of others. I became an expert when meeting the shadow, directing my gaze to the light part in people’s personality. I do think that this is one way of facing the shadow- to see the light in it or beyond it. Nowadays I am practicing talking to the shadow, mine and of others, really seeing it, asking it what it wants and what it needs and not being repulsed by it.

    1. Yes, I can completely understand.
      for some not seeing the shadow can come as an act of fear, or unhealthy innocence.
      I find it spiritually mature- to see shadow sides free of judgment, and pouring your light.
      love you!

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