Along the way, my masters gave me many indications
how to improve as a healer and space holder,
and what will strengthen my energetic work and brighten its quality.

Here are a few precious gems:
1. The way that I’m connected,
2. How pure I am,
3. How clean is the floor that I’m standing on (I’m not joking – it creates wonders!)

I echoed with it and integrated them into my practice gladly.

With it, nowadays, my magic tool is obvious:
The way I feel is the way I heal!


The way you feel is the way you heal.

I don’t mean WHAT you feel,
It’s not about feeling bad, sad or glad.
And it’s not if you feel strong or weak,
healthy or ill.
I had given some fantastic, life-transforming sessions and initiations 
while “feeling bad” or being completely sick, without being able to use my voice even.
(Were you in that class?)

The WAY you feel…
I mean, your sensitivity (different from sensibility).
The superb blend of-
Force and Refinement
Firmness and Subtleness,
Openness and Attentiveness.

Whether you are the healer or the healee –
refine, refine and refine even more
the way you feel.

You want to listen to the delicate wind at the mountains top
in the inner landscape of the one whispering his tears in your ears.
You want to see the shining stars in the vast sky, even in the daylight.
You want to sense the white brush strokes on the naked canvas.
You want to see, hear and feel 

The WAY you feel…
your sensitivity.
It is not only for you to be able to perceive better,
It is for you to be able to perceive
THE ‘better’ state, THE ‘healthy’ state, THE ‘whole’ state.
The Absolute.


There is a saying about Jesus,
that in his presence diseases were miraculously cured.
How come?

Jesus was one with light,
he owned his ‘divine incarnation’,
of the pure source of all creation.

From that place
there was no way to ‘see’ the disease or the problem
instead, he has seen the perfection,
and projected it.

he couldn’t see anything less than beautiful,
couldn’t feel anything less than good, anything less than Perfect.

In his eyes of God, he was looking at Perfection as it is,
that was so alive in him, so present,
that immediately everything was pulled to be aligned with that.


Being intuitively drawn to health, beauty, and harmony
is at the core of any energetic work,
It is the essence of vibrational healing.

You can perform many techniques,
still, remember
those who created the techniques,
Those who wrote the prayers that you’re reading-
Were sitting in the highest!

Tune. Into. THAT.

Feel GOD.
I love you,
write me how it feels.


Photo by: Elizabeth Lies- Thank you!
Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Agradeço todos os ensinamentos,é sempre bom acordarmos mais outra vez para aquilo que é verdade,minha mestra de todo o coração estou grata.

  2. Beloved Homaya,
    Before I start a healing session
    I turn the phone off and other media or electric machine devices in the house(like washing machine)
    I clean the floor
    I prepare a sacred space
    I clear my aura, do grounding and connect
    I ask from the curanderos limeage to help me provide a good medicine for the healee.
    I feel that when I do a healing session giving Divine Intervention frequency and dimension, I am more aligned and my mind does not wonder somewhere else.
    Thank you for reminding us to come from a higher place
    Thank you for your wise words
    Bless You

    1. Yes, this is exactly the point!
      There are many ways to empower your session, to bring in light and clarity,
      this is so wonderful you’re doing it all, and those are the baby steps to take,
      and still, they are physical steps, anchor yourself in the earth, in your body,
      anchor yourself as divinity is anchored in life.
      Have you read the previous post, it is another reminder to the master in you.
      Love and hugs

  3. SUPERB!
    I felt you, your words, the energy… I’ve been feeling like a living miracle perceiving mortality and immortality at the same time… and this is the feeling along with the difficulties… I’ve been feeling like ready to listen to my higher self… Like a story teller I am listening a different story… and I sing it to the space within and around… And in this body every cell/star is listening careful… I am learning the way of the story teller of unconditional inner health… I feel your words… This story so refined, so precious… This story is the eternal song everywhere, forever… I am Standing Hope… I am this Living Altar… Grateful Master Teacher Homaya Amar

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