something good you can do next time you have a breakdown

The rapport you have with life’s circumstances influence your spiritual evolution.

This week was super challenging for me,
I found myself frustrated, with tears,
When I realised that I couldn’t follow up with a commitment I took.

The gap between what I could envision and plan
And reality was big,

Too big.

The truth of the matter is,
Although it is comfortable to call it a gap or plans,

We are talking about

The beautiful comfort bubble,

Of stories we compose
In order to be part of reality.
To bridge.

Our mind will definitely do everything possible
For this bubble to stay untouched,
Including morphing facts.

So here are five reminders I received,
While I was ‘on my knees’ in this
Sweet and bitter disillusion process:

#1. Disillusion is painful for the mind
And a blessing to the spirit.
Still, indeed, we can have spiritual disillusions,
Since we do hold to Stories about god and the mystery,

And ideas about our path to evolution,
(Which is one of the well known criticisms
Concerning spiritual practice.)

#2: Being on your knees is an initiation
Life situations are an opportunity for

self initiation,
Your will to birth anew,
Give you the strength to surrender to
Life, the master.

Note: Self initiation is different from
‘Learning from a situation.’

Any initiation is demanding,
Mentally, emotionally, energetically,

A new path to your eternal being is crafted
Within you
As an answer to your most profound prayers.

#3. An initiation is a spiritual rite of passage,
An essential one,

Part of an initiation includes a breakdown,
Introducing new order within
Making space for light, truth, freedom
For brighter consciousness.

#4. Being present invites more truth
Emotion is a natural way of clearing illusions.

The story sticks,
When you judge, fear and react to your own emotions.
Tears are meant to empty you.
Being present in the presence of your pain or sorrow,
Means feeling it,
Without identifying with it.
There is no need to fill yourself again with ideas about the process of clearing.

#5. Actuality becomes beautiful
in the grace of your honest and loving presence.
As a healer and one with an empathic and sensitive nature,

You might find yourself warped with stories and illusions.
Proof and convictions will not heal imagination,
They are another facade of it.

YOU heal imagination.


I love you sweet master,
Thank you for reading and taking this in,
If you feel like sharing what comes to you from tuning into this piece,
Type your insights and questions in the comment section below the post,

There are so many topics that are related to what I have shared here,
Denial, confusion, worries, freedom and alignment,
I will go deeper in it in the next #livelight session
On Tuesday March 3rd, 16:00 GMT, on my Facebook page.
(Add that to your calendar here.)


More love to you,
Write me a word to know how you are.


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  • Elisabetta Del Signore

    when one seeks truth and freedom, one is hollowed out of pain to be filled with Love … as long as he lives. Both together.

  • Elisabetta Del Signore

    wow…when I read you (and for various reasons I walked alone for a while ..) it is pure joy … I’m not crazy then, what I understood, thanks to that clarity that only I had asked for in the language of light, is confirmed and said so clearly as only you can do. Thanks from the bottom of mySelf

  • Vimala

    Dear Homaya,

    Thank you for your beautiful words. They almost flow like poetry.

    Yes, in the grace of our honesty and loving presence.

    Could you explain what exactly you mean with healing imagination?

    Tthank you!

    • Homaya

      Yes… I was wondering who will ponder upon that 😉
      By saying that I do not relate to the imagination as a disease that needs to be healed,
      Take it as a statement by itself:
      Your presence will allow you to be connected to the real, in spite of any imaginary translation of it.
      Please let me know if it is clear-
      definitely this is a vast topic.

  • Adrienne Brown

    Dear Homaya, Thank you for your revelation, and your deep vulnerability. I am always inspired when I see and witness my teachers/masters ‘on their knees’ as I seem to have spent so much of my evolution there too. Thank you for being ‘one of us’ thank you for your tears. I salute the topic you are raising and I salute you in going deeper. I am blessed by reading this. So many thanks.. (am so sorry, but will be finishing my teaching at 4 pm on Tuesday but will see the Replay – and I can’t wait!). With love

    • Homaya

      Thank you for sharing. I remember that there was a time,
      that one of my teachers has told me, that a master should not show his shadows.
      I remembered listening to her, and hearing within me that
      I prefer not keeping my shadow in the shadow,
      and that part of my work as a teacher is to teach how you transform everything into light.
      Later in the years, I found that my definition of shadow is totally different from what I was taught by my teachers.
      Love to you dear one!

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