Ride the wave of healing

Years ago when I had my own clinic,
And I had eight clients entering the healing room
One after another during the day,
I realized I needed a 15-minute break between each session.

I used to keep myself, my room and my clients,
energetically clean.
In this time –
I reset my space,
I reset myself.

There were days I had the feeling
While sitting on my chair,
That every client sitting in front of me
Is like a planet,
Mars, Jupiter, Ruth, Benjamin.
They had their own orbit,
Their story, their light.
And I needed a clean start with each and every one.

Almost every person on this earth is running a stream of their own,
A moving body of water that is full of
Ongoing thoughts, behavioral patterns, belief systems, and habitual forms.
This is the orbit I am talking about.
On the surface, it seems that
When a client comes for healing,
He wishes to “arrange” his orbit.
This is one level of healing.

When someone comes to healing sessions
Unconsciously what they wish for
Is to be liberated from their own habitual conditioned stream
Into the eternal new.
(it’s ok. No typo here.)

Clearly, this can happen with a touch of grace,
Yet for it to be conducted in healing sessions
A Healer should be well familiar with the wave of healing,
And aware of the appropriate energetic state
In which one can be lifted out from their stream,
Moved from their monotonous routine 
To wake up into a bright, spacious realm, 
A new sphere of possibilities,
A fresh start,
Like a blank page where anything can happen.
In this new place,
The healee can evolve
In a deep transformation
To his new life version.
As a Healer, you would like to do this “light lifting”
In a potent way
So that the shift would be irreversible
(While fully honoring the free will and one with the highest good of all).
You can’t control
The shifts and its outcome,
Yet you can provide wise and relevant energetic support.
This is a wonderful art to master.
It is a surgery.
(Clearly, I love it!)
For that to happen,
Aside from the healing techniques and methodologies you apply,
And a reliable connection to the elevated realm,
A few additional things need to take place:

  • A bird’s eye view of the healing wave

  • Piercing clarity about what is ready to be released and when

  • A profoundly safe sacred space that supports the healee to let go at the right moment in order to fly.
    (You can let go at any moment but you need to recognize when the spirit is vibrating so strongly that you will be lifted.)

  • Energetic detoxification, cords cutting and rewiring

  • Patience…

  • Naivety…

  • Deep care…
  • Respect…

As a Healer,
When you become aware of the healing wave,
And the way energy moves in different people and different cases,
You are able to see the bigger picture of the healee process.
Not only you are a Healer,
You are also a spirit guide in action.

More gems about the breakthrough in a healing wave
And what makes healing irreversible
On the next Sunday blog post

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