God speaks with the planets & the cosmos in DNA codes,
You are part of this song.

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The DNA is a huge eternal library. In each short fragment of time it records every split of a thought, every word, every sensation and every sight. It has a massive transmission of light through its codes, in a way that shapes and designs every living organ, cells and beings and effects all creation of those particles.

The energy of the DNA is actually part of the transmission between Planet Earth and her brothers and sisters in the galaxy. Transmission that goes beyond space and time that touches the complete blueprint of all that is alive.
Every living organ of  Planet Earth carries DNA codes full of information that are constantly getting updated. The information is passed from Planet Earth, through the plants, the animals, through human feet, organs and the entire body, sent into the cosmos, where it is processed, gets updates to what is relevant and supporting the consciousness evolution and in what way, then, it is sent back to the planet through living organic creatures.
It is a laboratory, that checks and double checks what is needed, for the life on the planet.
We, as living bodies with consciousness, experience it as our physical evolution, our genes, body functions, aging process and more.
Yet the genetic patterns are affected and affecting all life circles, all life areas, and all our bodies -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. More than that it is effecting and effects – large composition that take into accounts, in parallel timing, movement of energies and light in any part of the world.
In other words, what you inherited from your biological bloodline, is not merely the color of your skin or hair, or a tendency to some type of weakness, you actually inherited some emotional patterns, behavioral attitudes, mental concepts, eating patterns, capacities, abilities, lack of them and such. More than that, your DNA is not effected only from your bloodline, but from other significant characters in your life circles, such as your teachers and even a public figure you are identifying with.


Mayan DNA Class is being taught in 3 levels,
The information shared here is relevant to the first level of the Mayan DNA – the healing.


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Homaya Amar

By Homaya Amar

While generating a powerful sacred space, Homaya Amar inspire to a profound authenticity and opens to the light and grace within. Leading worldwide seminars where ancient shamanic wisdom and fresh, lucid revelations dance as ONE, where miraculous healing and evolution of consciousness simply emerge.


  1. Thank you, beloved Homaya for this fascinating article .It made me think about the possible connection that we may have between our DNA Strands Library and the Akashi Records Library. I love to read your articles, they are thought and inspiration and smile provoking. Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes dear, I find that there is a strong connection between the both! great that you picked it up!
      I feel that our active and dormant DNA codes are the one who influences our ability to collect data from the Akashic.
      happy for your smiles <3 <3 <3
      love and grace to you!

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