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One thing you should know to support a miracle to happen to you

Hello sweet light,
Although we are supposed to advance in our healer journey review,
I feel we can pause in order to visit a specific moment
and bring awareness to our conscious evolution.

I zoom over to this moment, because a new year is at the door,
because the world is going through a second wave of the pandemic,
and because at a time as this, there is a life force awakening,
and you care more for what you care for.
There is a strong inner force (in the form of a wish)
and outer force (in the form of possibilities) to be living and experiencing your “dreams.”

This means there is more probability for these things to happen:
Quantum shifts,
A leap of faith,
Touch of Grace
Alchemical transformation
Singularity healing.

We open the door for it, having less resistance to be taken by a rapid shift.

All of these condensed, accelerated, and many times irreversible,
shifts have several things in common.
The obvious one is that they have the force to bypass the mind.

Another one is that they demand RECENTERING.


Recentering does not mean anchoring even more in your center.

Recentering means that in order to support your consciousness to pass through the proposed portal
where you will experience different life circumstances,
your body of vibration needs to be flexible enough and supported (by your ego and self-image)
to embrace a completely new pivot point!

(ok… read it again…)

You know, my love, when small changes are happening, you can look at your sacred center as a point,
and like you should keep it to yourself.
You don’t give away your center, and you have no interest in having someone else’s center.
These are the basics of having clear boundaries.

But when radical change is taking place- look at your center as an axis.
You are being relocated on the cosmic inner-net
and repositioned accordingly in your physical body.

Most likely your prayers prepared you for this moment.

Let me know (in the comments below the post)
if you feel that you sense that you are in this type of moment in your life and in what area.

I do believe that if you are reading these words,
then they are relevant for you.

You might be shifting just a second before or a second after,
let this support the shift to be smooth and easy.

Loving you


P.S. What do you say… Would you join me for a #livelight session
on Tuesday 15:00 GMT in my Facebook page (add to your calendar)?

Share with me what touched you the most and about what you would like me to elaborate.

P.P.S. There is something special I’m preparing for you for the end of the month, and the end of the year.
Make sure to open the email I’ll send you!


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  • Avatar

    Yes! I AM totally getting it. I’m recentering in my teachings, in my doing, in my being.
    Thank you for the clear words

    • Avatar

      Join tomorrow live- it will give you extra clarity! wonderful!

  • Avatar

    Oh yes!
    A new “order” emerging, even though the mind does not recognise its shape.
    it is here. personally and collectively we are all in this shift.

    Thank you for the beautiful words (and image!)

    love you

    • Avatar

      Love you my dear, and definitely there is a lot to do with the relation between the individual and the collective.
      Love you!

  • Avatar
    Michal Tsofia Neaya


    Thank you Homaya for offering such clear words for what I’m experiencing. For knowing I’m not alone and not going crazy 🙂 The reposition is felt strongly and all my bodies.

    Thank you for allowing me to understand and open up to it with more ease and gratitude!

    Michal Tsofia Neaya

    • Avatar

      You are so welcome my love, thank you for your attentiveness, your sensitivity and self-care.
      Love you!

  • Avatar

    Dear Master, I love your clarity! Recentering… …Axis.. .Relocated on the Cosmic Inner-net!!! That´s it!
    I see myself in the movies “Interstellar” or “Matrix”.
    Last week was full of synchronicities. On the 30th October my eldest son completed 53 years old and someone phone to give me congratulations. I came to pick up the phone at my living room, open the window (9th floor) and suddenly a Man, beautiful one, with a golden helmet, coming from above ( I like to say: from higher heavens…), stopped in front of me and we had a prosaic conversation about what he was doing, and he continued to descend, making rappel for supervising the walls!!! Can you Imagine??? My essence for this year is “Possibilities” and November allies were: Higher Heavens, Gold, Saint-Germain… It was such a synchronicity to prove me that the impossible is turning possible!!! and I feel being Relocated somewhere else…
    Thank you Homaya, because you make me fly out of “normal realm”. and I Know that: you fly with me!!!
    Love you

    • Avatar

      Teresa, what a beautiful experience, and a beautiful way to see and translate this reflection!
      fly high, my love!!!!

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