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Private Session - Homaya.org

Private Session

(13 customer reviews)


A sacred encounter with a greater power of light that is called to come into play. In the session we listen deeply to the present moment as a microcosmos of life,

integrating conversation for enhancing clarity and pure direction, with transformational energetic work that leads to different states of consciousness. Moving between the worlds, parallel universes and dimensions, to receive messages as needed.



Private sessions are offered as a single effective meeting, or as a series of 12 meetings that can be dedicated to one of the following:

  • Go through a process of deepening self consciousness, self enquiry, love and acceptance to yourself and life.
  • Evolving and developing on the personal level.
  • Supporting the healing of a specific issue physical/mental /emotional/spiritual.

Diverse healing methods may be applied if and as necessary.

Session length is one hour.

More details about the healing session can be found here.


Price includes taxes

13 reviews for Private Session

  1. Avatar


    Homaya is incredibly accurate and attentive to your needs for growth in the private healing sessions. She creates a powerful container that she fills with potent Light codes that illuminate clearly the actions that need to be taken to integrate the downloads from the session. Her presence permeates the space so potently, revealing my own infinite potential and grace. So grateful for my session with Homaya. I highly recommend investing in a private session with Homaya.

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    Francesca Mariano (verified owner)

    Dear Homaya,

    Even after a few months, our session together still is resonant within me.

    With Homaya I found an expanded space of awareness, embodiment and healing. Homaya is a modern mystic and her impact on a private session has a greater resonance on the world we encounter afterwords.

    Thank you from my heart,


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    Ye’ela (verified owner)

    Dear Homaya,
    the session I had with you helped me overcome a long period of sadness and anxiety. I’m grateful for your great heeling abilities and the wisdom you shared with me during the session and the emails after that. I feel blessed. Thank you.

  4. Avatar

    Veronica Giulia Cammilli , Italy

    I’ve already saw the differences and benefits of what we did in the time we were together,
    who knows how many other beautiful things will wait for me!!!
    I would really like to thank you from the deepest of my heart,
    you teach me so much and told me things that changed my life!
    I will be always grateful for this to you!!!

  5. Avatar

    Angelina Deibele

    “I experience Homaya as a very generous, warm and interested person, a great teacher and a wonderful healer. Her classes and sessions are nourishing, joyful and inspiring. The best way to get to know these aspects is to experience her magical charisma live. With her deep wisdom and her vivid power Homaya creates spaces in her classes and sessions in which you can easily unfold without even noticing how deep the processes are. She is one of the very few people I know who is able to show you how to sparkle from out of the inside and to guide you to your own magnificence. These shifts, changes and processes facilitated by Homaya make really a difference for me in my feelings, my thoughts, my actions and reshape my everyday-life in a very positive way. They let me be more relaxed, fulfilled, let me find my rest in me, feel my own power and magic and go forward with trust. I appreciate her work deeply and I love the feeling to always get some extras which pop-up far after the class or session. Having to do with Homaya is always a joyful adventure for me.”

  6. Avatar

    Manuela Graziani, Italy

    Thank you ! I have a new heart.​

  7. Avatar

    Vimala, Israel

    Homaya is a unique teacher and healer.
    My sensation is that she channels and see things that I don’t.
    She has a vast capability of listening and containing.
    when she speaks in a session, I tend to record her,
    because why she says is so deep and so much,
    that I cannot grasp it all in at once.

    I came to her in moments when I needed help,
    physical or emotional
    and the healing that I received (usually through Skype or phone)
    created such a big shift in my life!
    There were times in emails when she simply asked how I was,
    and if I shared with her that I am not well due to this or that –
    already the next day – it would change.
    I felt like magic with her.
    It simply works! On all levels!

    Thank you dear Homaya for all your endless giving to the world.
    you are a great present!

  8. Avatar

    Cath M,, Paris

    “I wanted answers, I got more questions, but also the conviction that I am on the right path, on my path. Homaya is like a midwife who help you to give birth to your own wisdom, your own being”

  9. Avatar

    Ren Mahlev

    I am awaken

    Homaya my beloved and pure sister!
    gratitude and muito amor:)

    i love you i love you i love you!
    i am awaken!

  10. Avatar


    When I met Homaya, I felt right away that she was special.
    Though young for a therapist, she is very mature as a person and as a therapist.
    She listened to me for less than 10 minutes and caught right away the things I suffered from.
    She”felt” me more than just listened to me.
    I let myself go, as far as the healing is concerned. I felt something like a cool breeze going all over me like a relieving presence…
    What I like with Homaya is that she never tried to tell me what to do, as far as the future is concerned. I had and still have my free will. The future is still in my hand and Homaya removed some of my burdens. I owe her a lot.

  11. Avatar

    Tehila Dror, Israel

    It`s very hard to put in words the effect of Homaya`s treatment, but I’ll try: it`s an amazing, strong, unique experience. it make things look clear. It makes a change!!!! It`s harder to put in words what I think about Homaya, I just love this powerful, wise, sensitive woman!!!!

  12. Avatar

    Noga Zak, Israel

    January 2010

    I know Homaya, since 2004 on a regular basis. Her Integrity, patience and willingness to help, are qualities that I admire in her. In our mutual journey she exposes me to aspects and feelings that I chose not to deal with and I thank her for that. During our process I learned to trust on other people but the most important thing, I have learn to trust myself I love the way she analyzes situation, observes themes and yet, let me to figure by myself what is good for me on each dilemma. To me, she is a very unique person.

  13. Avatar

    Shani, Tel Aviv

    I remember the first moment I went into your clinic.
    It was the same moment I understood that I am willing to give all I know, or think I know.
    That I am willing to receive and trust.
    That I wish to learn.
    It was the same moment that I understood that you have the power, responsibility and love to show me what existent with the mysterious.
    I knew I would not be alone on my path.
    You are going to be my teacher.
    What I have learned with you in the last two years is equal for a whole life time.
    I have jumped more then one stair, I have jumped several. Actually I have been doing it leaping.
    And on that path I have been growing, expending, loving and most of all I have calmed.
    It happened cause of you.
    You are defiantly one of the most fascinating, rare and beautiful person I have the priveledge to know and learn from in this life.
    Some time I feel I learn just by being near you.

    I know it is not always that I understand the process I am going trough.
    And not always I can see clearly where I am heading.
    But I always feel what I felt the same moment I went into your clinic.

    Not anyone can be a teacher
    Lucky me! I did not chose any one.
    I have chose you.
    And yes, it took only one short moment to understand this.
    Cause sometime, when you see something real, you don’t need more then a short moment.

    Thank you for all of the moment.

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