Perfect Inner Space


Energy Field Activation & Card deck for developing healthy boundaries
and being in your center.

Healthy boundaries are a key to healthy relationships with all.
Healthy boundaries lead to:

A healthy self esteem
To peacefully being in your center.

This is ‘class in a box’ composed of a guided aura activation
and an original visionary card deck of the 7 primary directions designed support your in creating a healthy and stable energy field.

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Perfect Inner Space – A tool for LIFE!

“Sacred Space is a state of mind,
detached from any situation
and existing in all situations.

It is a lucid, powerful and intense space,
where Earth and Spirit play together
Giving and receiving are in complete harmony
and future and past dissolve –
so the NOW can be”.

Homaya Amar

Perfect Inner Space kit includes:

  1. Aura Activation CD
  2. The Direction Wisdom Cards : Visionary Guidance Cards & Direction Wisdom Booklet
  3. Free mp3 download

It is recommended to practice daily!

Space and Boundaries              8:12
Preparation                                 9:45
The Actual Field                        25:52
Perfect Inner Space                  15:58
More                                             3:22

Music:          Rodrigo Maia de Loureiro
Mix:                             Dominique Borde
Art:                                    Homaya Amar
Design:                           Leonor Gavriely
Texts:                            Homaya Amar &
Smadar Noga Waisman
Production:              Pardess, LTD 2015

This recording was made live, the quality of sound may vary.
It is recommended to use headphones to enhance the experience.


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MP3, CD+MP3 & Card deck


  1. I have listened to it this morning and it was a wow !!
    The space I was able to create was wonderful and I got a lot of energy out of the meditation.
    So I just want to say thank you !

  2. A client of mine that doesn’t speak English so well purchased the CD from me,
    I told her to give it a try, and if she will need I will translate for her.
    And then I didn’t hear from her for a few weeks,
    and then she suddenly brought it up and said that she listens to it,
    and let’s it work on her, – even without understanding the words –
    and it really works!!
    How she gets more centered.. AMAZING!!
    I thought you’d like to hear this..
    Aya Or-Lev, Healer, Israel

  3. “What a beautiful way of centering and founding my ground and peace.
    My space-holding ability increased immediately
    when I activate my Perfect Containment Field ,
    and instead of feeling like I am being bombarded with energies around me,
    there is a smooth settling and relaxing in my own light.
    What a gift! Thank you Homaya!”
    Michael Fidelman, Intuitive Healer and Writer, Israel-Portugal

  4. “Every journey I take with Homaya (whether it is in a class or through a CD),
    I experience transitions to new dimensions.
    The frequencies are both powerful and gentle,
    evoke a feeling of ascension and joy,
    a sensation of flying, like an amazing elevation!
    Listening to Homaya’s voice is like listening to a sweet voice of an angel speaking to you…
    The 7 directions card deck is a gift by its own.
    Vibrant and lively frequencies that bring new insights to life.
    Thank you Homaya for the light you distribute in the world!”
    Naama Gabbay, healer of joy and light, reflexology, shamanism, crystals, Israel- France.

  5. “Since the activation,
    It seems that a Light turned on this subject,
    This activation happened on a perfect moment of my life, and it gives me strong support
    to go on with ease and love, from inside out,
    sensing the waves of giving and receiving from and to life.
    With immense Love and Gratitude to Homaya Amar for this amazing work.
    May many others benefit from this blessed light.”
    Teresa Aranda Salgueiro, Chinese medicine doctor and intuitive healer, Portugal.

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