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Light Projector Software was designed to be of service for those who are initiated to Light Language and master the art of grids writing.

The Software supports intuitive grid writing, assimilating the handwriting process and stimulating the 3 dimensional vision of the colorful shapes and the entire grid.

Upgrade your Light Language grid writing experience to a whole new level! 

Treat yourself and your clients with this magnificent software
specially designed for intuitive, easy and fascinating grid writing!

To avoid technical complications, please verify all installation requirement with Yuval : before purchasing the app!




Features in both Level #2 & #3 Applications:

  • intuitive writing
  • Easy navigation
  • Various view types of all colors, shapes, sets and stages,
  • Easy copy, paste & drag
  • Screen alternating option between grid and shape close-up for deepening the energetic connection
  • Spin view for the entire grid and any specific colorful shape
  • 2 types of 3D grid activation
  • Tangible emanation impact
  • accessible close-up for all colors and shapes
  • Print version
  • Empowers fun, creative and smooth grid writing!

Level #2 _ Intermediate level includes:

  • Intermediate colors, shapes, sets and stages
  • 7 shape grid layout
  • 49 shape grid layout

Level #3 _ Advanced level includes:

  • Advanced and unseen colors and shapes
  • Advanced, Mobius and APLL sets and stages
  • Mobius, APLL, 12 shape grid and 144 advanced grid layouts

Developed and written by Yuval Rivlin, a Light Language teacher & yoga and meditation teacher,
and is with the blessing of Starr Fuentes.

System requirements:

Requires Windows 7,8,10 operating systems
Mac users -- with bootcamp + Windows or ‘Parallel’ apps + Windows.

To avoid technical complications, please verify all installation requirement with Yuval : before purchasing the app!



This is what people have to say about it:

“Writing grids with the software is fun like choosing colors and shapes from a candy box!”

“It feels like the grid is writing itself”

“It makes the magic come to life”



PLEASE NOTE:  Price includes VAT

Additional information


Beginning + Intermediate (LL 1+2), Advanced (LL3), All levels (LL 1+2+3), Catalan Solids, Mobius, Rays-AP

9 reviews for Light Projector

  1. Avatar

    Sunder Ashni

    Thank you Yuval Rivlin for this amazing program and all the Light Language practitioners anchoring and expanding their light!

  2. Avatar

    Stefan Dalmann

    Thank you for this magnificent software.
    Very good job!

  3. Avatar

    Carole Mondon

    Miraculous software!
    Try it and then you can’t live without it!

  4. Avatar

    Kris Gera

    Thank you Yuval for bringing in more light and clarity!

  5. Avatar

    Smadar Noga Waisman

    I admit, it got me too 🙂
    Writing grids is much more playful and intuitive –
    allowing me to feel much more deeply the complex shapes and distinct colors!
    It is like amplifying the sensitivity to the frequencies.
    And this high sensitivity is for sure a result of how much love, respect and deep connection was involved in the creation of it,
    Thank you Yuval!

  6. Avatar

    Ren Mahlev

    It is an amazing software!It makes me want to write more grids!
    Highly creative and highly practical!

  7. Avatar

    Brook Still

    I think this is a marvelous software for the work.
    Yuval has done a wonderful job on it and it’s so easy to use!

  8. Avatar

    Inez Wijnhorst

    It is great!
    It gives so much clarity for grid writing!
    Thank you Yuval for this blessing!

  9. Avatar

    Tatiana Lagransky Blous

    It is Great Intuitive Light work support. Every shape and form of this program is alive,vibrating,shining, emanating…Thank you Yuval Rivlin and Homaya Amar for this gift!

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