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Light Language is composed of 3D sacred geometrical shapes and colors that create energetic layouts (grids) that are the foundation for manifested reality.

Through light language we create specific unique and precise energetic constellations that influences the way one projects and perceives reality.

We can use Light Language grids to heal and transform any life area: financial, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, to co-create new opportunities in healthy reality.



Grid types:

  • Personal grids composed of 7 colored shapes, which can be referred to as an energetic skeletal.
    It shapes your energetic centers and opens new level of growth.
  • Transformative 49 shape grids support healing and manifestation of specific issues in different areas of your life in a precise time-frame.
  • 144 shape grids work in the eternal now and the soul level for deep transformation in the blueprint level.
  • The Eternal Mobius which is used to accelerate manifestation, creating an ongoing growth and transformation that takes you each time to a new level.

Example for Light Language grid topics: health, mental balance, emotional maturity, inner peace, self love, healthy relationships, life purpose, community issues and more.


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Grid type

7 shape, 49 shape, 144 shape

2 reviews for Light Language Grid

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    Writing takes a lot of skills some do it with words and some with light.

    We are grateful for the light Homaya wrapped us with when she, with geometrical shapes, wrote a grid for us.
    While we were looking for a house to acquire, we asked for the needed clarity and abilities. I could not spot the symbol for the house on the grid but was confident that our house was first made of light and that it was, metaphorically, looking for the right bricks on our behalf.
    It is about light, all these little geometrical figures you see on a white page created a wonderful clarity around our finances. It cast away a cloud that we were always reluctant to let go of. And eventually, we figured the best way to invest our capital.

    Homaya writes with the light, light is made of.

    With love and gratitude,

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    Dear Homaya

    I recently turned to you from the pain of a mother who wants to help her son to connect, to be part, to be able to play with friends, to feel at ease in society and actually to feel well in a place he strongly wishes yet unable because of his tendencies and disorders.

    With wisdom, strong connection, and from a place of strength and softness,
    you concocted a wondrous and thrilling Light Language grid that brought to our life precision and what we were wishing for.

    In a very short time frame, things started to shift and the great transformation that he is experiencing in his relationship with his surroundings moves us to tears. I call it magic. And you are a great magician. Master beyond space.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from all levels of my being for
    escorting us on our journey as parents to a wonderful, light child.

    Since the last Energetic constellation, we have been thinking about the gift and healing that you have given to our lives and bless you every day.

    I feel blessed to have met you, to learn from you and to receive from you so much for me and for my family.
    Blessed is anyone who will welcome you to touch his life.

    With so much love

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