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We tend to believe that Independence is a quality that leads to isolation,
and a sense of separation between people. As if the meaning of Independence is equivalent to the opposite of being social, of community, of togetherness.

But actually, Independence is one of the most generous keys for fulfilling healthy relationships,
for wholesome intimacy, for prosperous business,  and an overall feeling of deep and true freedom !


This recording is given with love.

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1 review for Circle of Grace – Independence

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    Gabriela (verified owner)

    I watched this video and that day I realised …. that independence isn’t reactive…that I’m independent at every single moment of my life, without fight and also when I’m connected with others (that was for me a huge topic !)… that independence is also about picking myself out of every situation and everything will still be ok…. And life suddendly appears much more brighter and lighter ! Thank you for this wonderfull sharing dear Homaya !

    • Homaya Amar

      Homaya Amar

      Thank you for sharing,
      and for echoing with this truth.
      love to you!

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