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Creating something new or transforming any area of your life such as healthy relationship, vital pregnancy, evolving career or wealth- will call for new life forces in you, some habits will need to change, some hidden talents and unmatured attitudes will need to bloom,

nothing will change in your reality if it would not change and transform- first- within you.


When there’s a wish to a greater scale of healing and recovery, or a significant empowerment – choosing to go in depth is a great blessings.


This is a life opportunity to:

Clean and clear habits and attitudes that holds you back.

Become aware of the way you act in life and consciously, actively, shift it.

Learn your gift and life lessons and transform them to a reliable source of strength and support.

Raise your vibrations into more harmonious, peaceful, loving life.

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“In depth” sessions are offered as a series of  7 or 12 weekly meetings of one hour each,  On line or in person.

Multidimensional transmission of energy and diverse healing methods are applied as necessary.

 More Details About The Healing Session Can Be Found Here.


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7 meetings, 12 meetings


  1. I’ve just fiished my second cycle of 7 sessions with Homaya and will continue with a third one.

    Homaya’s sessions have been a huge blessing for me. Or I rather should say that Homaya IS a huge blessing herself: anything she touches is empowered and turns to Gold. It’s not just one-hour sessions you get, it’s much more… I can feel Homaya has been present with me holding a sacred space day and night. I feel her support, her compassion, her magics and her prayers and blessings all the time.

    When I look back where I was 4 months ago and where I am today, I can say I’m a completely different person.
    The work we’ve been doing together is truly a fast-track path to self-mastery and awakening: I’m learning with Homaya to become my own guru with all the tools I need to drive my own boat.
    And it’s also making a big difference for me as a healer: my ability to create and hold space for my clients recently started to be rising up big time!

    So I recommend the in-depth experience to anyone who is ready to make a magic quantum leap towards their authentic self and inner power!!

  2. It’s a rare privilege, to go through such healing and empowering process with someone who sees you in a profound and vast way,
    Who sees the hidden places that leave you shuffling around,
    Who sees your wisdom and beauty, that are just waiting for their moment to open and bloom.

    With a surgeon’s skill and compassionate listening, she takes me step by step into the depths of my soul.

    Combining and merging emotional, spiritual and practical aspects into the realization my soul chose to bring to life.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

  3. The first thing that comes when I try to summarize what happened to me during the months we are working together is opening my heart.

    I feel that it is mainly the ability to look at myself from the inside,
    To feel the heartbeat and to connect to it,
    to act according to the rhythm of my heart and less according to the commands of my mind,
    to be aware of all the forces that operate within me and to know who and what to use In different situations.

    It is amazing that the more I write, the more I understand that I have received many things from you during our sessions , and that I (consciously or not) live by them today.
    I can differentiate between the mind and the heart and listen to both of them. As if the process I was going through peeled off the onion shells that were covering my heart and gave it the space needed for it to beat stronger. It’s true that sometimes the onion shells returns to cover the heart, but today I feel it and know how to recognize it and pay attention to it.

    I am a very rational person, and you knew how to guide me through the rational into the soul, to convey things in a way that are easy for me to understand, without provoking resistance. On the contrary, all we have touched, all realizations found a healthy place in my body and my life.

    I’ve moved so many things with you!
    Now I recall how we started… the meditation that supported me to reconnect to my femininity and tenderness. The water elixir you sent me, the altar I created, the Light Language grids, and for sure there are other things I’ve long forgotten, as I am now celebrating my loving relationship and very soon motherhood which I longed for, and almost lost hope.

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