Grid Review


It is definitely now the time for you to play with creating your reality with Light Language.

As you will be doing your first steps, few questions might arouse

and you might need some additional clarity, confirmation for your style of creation, confidence to play with it in your life, and be in service to others.


Whether you just completed your LL initiation or you play with it for some time, you are invited to send me your grids and we will have a sacred gathering in which you will have my private attention, insights and guidance concerning your grid.





This meeting can be dedicated only to review your private grid:

One 7 shape grid, or one 49 shape grid with its following community grid.

Grids for other people will not be reviewed unless we are working under a supervision agreement.

To review a grid of 144, please schedule 2 appointments.

This is a 30 minutes meeting.

Price includes taxes



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