Drinking from the Fountain


Soul Journey – A 1 hour guided journey to align your life with your soul contract!

In times that important decisions are needed, and you are in a middle of a cross-road..
when you are going through a big inner conflict
or when you look at your life and feel it is time for a change,
a change that will lead you to feel content, fulfilled and with ease,
you might like to look at your life from a Higher Perspective.

Align your life with what you came here to be and do!



A Guided Journey to Reconnect to your Soul Contract!

A 1 hour Audio Class, designed to take you deep within yourself,
to Reconnect & Recharge at the Temple of your creation!

Revelation                    10 min
Tuning In                      15 min
Exploring                     30 min
Sealing                            2 min

This recording was made live (and with love), the quality of sound may vary.

Music:                          Rodrigo Maia de Loureiro
Design:                                          Leonor Gavriely
Photography:                                  Homaya Amar
Production:                            Pardess, LTD  2014



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  1. With Drinking from the Fountain I went through a unique journey to my source temple. I experienced myself vibrating as thousands of light frequencies, I saw clear visions and felt my body transforming

  2. I listened to the soul journey CD. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, far beyond what I can describe with words.
    I already experienced this journey with Homaya in one of the workshops, but the experience of going through it in my own space, by myself, allowed me to go even further. I felt I was going through a leap of consciousness.

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