DNA Healing Software


DNA healing software available for those were initiated to DNA Healing (level 1).
This app allows to rewrite your codes and codons aligned with the DNA Map system.



 * Let Go Map

* 12 strands Map

  • Printing version
  • all codes dictionary
  • easy copy & paste
  • checking and law verifying tools
  • personal designed activation section including voice and visual assistance

This is a custom-made software for clear and simple DNA Map writing and activating.
It will make your life so much easier.. 🙂

System Requirements:
Requires Windows 7,8,10 operating systems
Mac users – with bootcamp or parallel apps.

To avoid technical complications, please verify all installation requirement with Yuval : yuvalium@gmail.com before purchasing the app!

Developed and written by Yuval Rivlin, Light Language teacher & yoga and meditation teacher, and is with the blessing of Starr Fuentes.


PLEASE NOTE: Price includes VAT


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