DNA Healing


In order to shift patterns that are imprinted in you and became part of your DNA – it is necessary to invest the same amount of energy that was invested in creating and maintaining them. This usually takes years of conscious work and effort.

DNA Healing is a major acceleration, allowing you to tap directly into the core information of your cells, drastically shortening the process, reshaping your attitude, and creating an appropriate platform for new life experiences.

DNA Healing happens through map writing and energetically restructuring the 12 DNA strands.
In a DNA Map, you re-write your physical and energetic codes, consciously choosing
a sequence of 64 codons sending a clear and direct message to your body, your organs, and your subtle bodies, allowing you to embody the essences and attributes you are ready to LIVE and become.

Touching upon all areas in your life, the map re-shapes the way you approach life and meet reality.

The energetic healing (DNA strand compacting) creates strong foundations for your new imprints to unify with your reality.

DNA healing is rejuvenating, increasing vitality, and opens new horizons!



The process of DNA Healing is combining hands-on energy healing on your 12 DNA strands
and creating DNA maps and charts.

Writing DNA map for 1 DNA strands involves at least 4 sessions, that include:

  • A clearing map that notifies the DNA strand of the changes that are about to happen and sets the energy for the transformation on the DNA level
  • Composing the new, upgraded orders that will be transmitted to your specific DNA strand
  • Creating 1 DNA Map
  • Activation

It is necessary to commit to all 4 sessions.

In between the sessions, I will give you guidance and instructions for what is needed to be done in order to allow the process to reach its highest potentials.

which means that both of us will be active and focused on that topic, and will need to invest some time in addition to our private meetings.

In case you would like to continue and writing codes for healing DNA of any additional DNA strand, consider additional 1 healing session for each DNA Strand.

Check for more details about scheduling sessions can be found here.


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DNA Healing is wonderful to do in any phase of your life and can lead you to essential life-changing experiences.
With it, time of radical changes, and significant events such as marriage, moving to live together, during pregnancy or after birth, death in the family, changing location, changing occasion and so forth- are times in which you Energy DNA is more active, therefore your DNA healing can be more appropriate and smoother to be integrated.

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1st DNA Map, 2nd DNA Map [if you have previously received a DNA Map]

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