Awakened Healer Training – webinar series


A Webinar Series For Energy Healers

The awakened Healer webinar series is for you if
You started learning energy healing without really knowing where it is all heading…
or maybe you were super aware of your energetic abilities.
Still, after being next to amazing teachers and masters,
and inquiring many powerful energetic healing techniques,
you find yourself in the sacred space with your client
looking for additional pieces of the puzzle;
how to collect all of those gifts into an effective and professional offering?

In 3 clear, rich and to the point webinars,
Master Healer and Master Teacher Homaya Amar
will present 3 topics that can make the difference in your healing service
and can be something to rely on as a foundation for the healing services you give.



The Awakened Healer Webinar includes 3 recorded sessions:
Session #1 – ’The Healer’s Prayer’ :

Look at the healing session as a prayer, connect to the aspects of this prayer,
define the stream of light and intelligent energy that comes into play in your healing sessions
and create your own unique and empowering prayer, as an awakened healer.

Session #2 – ‘What Kind Of A Healer Am I?’ :

Learn about the wave of an energy healing session-
whether one session or a series of sessions are offered,
through that get insights about Healer Archetypes which follow power points in the healing wave.
This realization supports you to make the most of your natural gifts,
and can inspire you to align yourself with one archetype.

Session #3 – ‘How To Lead To A Breakthrough?’

A wider and profound perspective on the meaning of breakthrough,
Realising the “pressure” and expectation that are related to this topic,
and opening the appropriate way to create the space for it in the healing process.

Elaborated Information from the original awakened-healer event:

Investment: each webinar can be taken separately,
for 22 € or sign up for the full series for 60 €


PLEASE NOTE: Price includes VAT


Watch the video for a short demo of how to buy your webinar ticket

Thank you for your interest in the Awakened Healer Webinar

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All 3 webinars, #1- The Healer Prayer, #2 -What Type of Healer am I?, #3 – How to lead to a Breakthrough


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