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The meaning of Authenticity has somehow become reduced in the collective consciousness, to something that is “without a mask”, something that is not processed through.
This is a partial understanding, that barely touches the gifts of Authentic Authenticity.
Listen to this beautiful and important “download” that will expand your perception of Authenticity – what is able to bring you closest to who you really are.


An ‘In the Circle of Grace’ recording, March 2016, Portugal.


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1 review for Circle of Grace – Authenticity

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    Gabriela (verified owner)

    Thank you dear Homaya for this wonderfull sharing and download ! As you explain, there are lot of people who are confused about this topic, and the definition of authenticity. So was I, until I watched your video ! To be authentic was for me a reactive way to express myself towards the outside. Thanks to you, I now realise and feel that authenticity is not about outside, it’s about inside, my inner space, my inner flow. And that’s someting VEEERY peacefull … Thank you !!

    • Homaya Amar

      Homaya Amar

      Thank you beloved. The circle of grace is all about facing our convictions and misconceptions from the eyes of the ONE.

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