15 min’ Consultation


“The purpose of a problem is to put you on purpose.”
When a specific issue appears in your life
asking for your attention,
An inner experience you’re going through,
compelling you to bring awakened awareness and clarity to it,
Or a knot that need unwinding;
here is a beautiful opportunity-
get  a significant beam of light in an instant
 allowing brightness and profound insight to reveal higher layers and
.align you immediately with the greater potentials this issue has to offer you



Please see also Private sessions (one hour sessions).

More details about the healing session can be found here.


* All products are legally subject to an addition of 19% VAT (for EU customers).

* Any payment from an EU account, regardless of the location the payment is processed from – must add 19% VAT by law.

* In case of purchasing on behalf of a registered company in the EU,
please mail us a photocopy of your VAT identification number to hello@homaya.org
to receive a VAT exemption coupon.


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