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Inside you there is a pure unique crystal .
Through this crystal you translate reality.
With your senses you receive inputs, that are translated in your system
to react or relating according to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abilities.

As clean and clear this crystal is, as bright you shine!
Joyfully feeling the love in your heart.
Dedicating time and energy to heal and transform your old paradigm, your erroneous belief system,
self sabotage, and the patterns that hold you back, is essential.

From my perspective these workshops are super important to achieve
a significant life, free from drama, and charged with humble maturity.

Soul Alchemy

We tend to believe that there are some emotional behaviors and experiences that we can’t  (or that it is almost impossible) to shift and overcome, such as guilt, shame, envy etc. In the background of our attitude we behaved as a victim of those sensations.

During this Seminar we will explore and reveal to ourselves the core of those feeling, experience through our body the reasons and even the gifs that are coming from it, and learn how to shift them from within into light and empowerment essences, in a way that will make us realize those sensations when they appear in a early stages in our life, and have the possibility to choose light.

Generator of Love

Prepare your energy level for the 5th dimension! A journey of Self Investigation, Shamanic Healing techniques and the nectar of the great Spiritual Masters that guide you gently to take off the burden you carry and upgrade the way you love!

Heart Opening

Increase the capacity of your heart to be wide and open. Initiation to simple techniques that move energy to and through the heart, melting walls of protection, fears and separation, and freeing the birds and eagles of your heart.


Open Heart & Open Wings
Have you ever noticed there is almost no one around you that has never experienced heart breaking? And the immense pain that follows it, almost as if you do not know who you are anymore? […]

Grief Relief

A profound technique for releasing the concentrated energy of grief, confusion and separation and transforming it by planting seeds of clarity, connectivity and love.


Changes – Growing from Sadness
The Cycle of life is a constant process of change – from birth, creation and becoming until withering and disconnection. Changes are inevitable – every moment, every minute. Future becomes […]

Cradle – Realising Childhood Patterns

A powerful ancient healing technique for releasing deep rooted patterns (behavioral, emotional, mental and more) patterns  from your early childhood and babyhood.

Completing the ‘Unfinished’

Your ‘unfinished business’ may cause an energy drag and keep you from moving forward in your life. A Hopi technique that allows you to be light, full of energy and present in your reality.

Additional classes  :

  • Forgiveness and Gratitude
  • Balance Giving and receiving
  • Healing Self Love
  • Perfect Value_ Healing Self Esteem
  • Transforming Anger
  • Clearing Fears
  • Over come Guilt
  • Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Energy Flow
  • Ground your heart’s desire
  • Free will
  • The Crown has ONE place _ Regain your Self Authority

All classes include teaching and initiation process for the healing technique as well as experiencing receiving and giving healing.

  • "Thank you! I have a new heart!"

    Manuela Graziani Italy
    Manuela Graziani Italy
  • "Everything is more clear, more deep, more live and perfect! Thank you Homaya! "

    Veronica Giulia
    Veronica Giulia Actress
  • Light comes in and bursts out like a huge fountain! Each class with Homaya expands the heart, the breath and the soul. Homaya is a humble Master that does so much service for her students and for everyone that comes by her light!

    Naama Gabbay
    Naama Gabbay Doula, Reflexologist & Energetic Healer

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