You’re invited to a journey to brighten up your life!

I am sure that you, like me, know that there is more to life than what you see and feel. That there is a shining depth, a treasure of gifts, an expansion of life force, all there at the tip of your fingers, yet, for some reason, the way to bring it to life is still invisible.

This is why we have each other, to guide, to overcome, to clear, to let go, to empower, and to reconnect and recharge with new vital and potent life force.
A One on One session with me is a unique opportunity to be in a pure and attentive sacred space of outstanding clarity, where we actively listen to the depth of you, from your soul level !

I am interested in the core of your nature and the original cause,
I cross extensively between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring you to the open gate of the life you wish live.

You can book a one hour session, a series of meetings, or join me at my residency for an intensive personal retreat.

  • I've already saw the differences and benefits of what we did in the time we were together, who knows how many other beautiful things will wait for me!!! [...]

    Veronica Giulia Cammilli, Italy
  • Homaya is a unique teacher and healer. My sensation is that she channels and sees things that I don’t. I felt like magic with her. It simply works! On all levels! Thank you dear Homaya for all your endless giving to the world. You are a great present! [...]

    Vimala, Israel
  • With her deep wisdom and her vivid power, Homaya creates spaces in her classes and sessions in which you can easily unfold without even noticing how deep the processes are. [...]

    Angelina Deibele LL teacher
  • Drunk with the new awareness I see all bright! And the heart beats fast! THANKS for this love. P.S I sensed your energy in night school... what a Good Light!

    Manuela Graziani, Italy

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