Life, and YOU – in a miraculous way

Manifesting a healthy, wealthy and harmonious way of life is like singing a devoted gratitude song to Yourself, to God and to All that exists.
These workshops open a gate for you to get acquainted with the ways to merge your energies with the material world, through refining the quality of your intentions, thoughts, words and actions.
Realize how powerful you are!

Manifestation Box

A powerful ritual to bring your intention to life!

2 major forces influence the way you manifest your heart’s desires: FATE and DESTINY. One is anchored and unchangeable, and the other is flexible and adjustable by your thoughts, behaviours and conscious and unconscious patterns. In this ritual, that was passed down by the Curanderos lineage, we create a clear intentional magnet that brings those forces together and influences the way you cooperate with life’s experiences.


Angelic Seals

Angels are participating in our life, communicating with us daily, guiding, supporting, inspiring.

Each angel a master of its domain- angel of love, angel of truth, angel of growth etc…
Each angel carries a specipic seal that strengthen the effect and presence.

In this playful workshop we apply simple, yet irregular, superposition
of our pure intentions and the angel’s seals,
by that reveal a way to clearly communicate with the angelic vibrations
and inviting it’s to bloom in any area of our life.


Holy Grail

The magnificent treasure of the Holy Grail was and is highly evaluated due to the wisdom that it kept as secret for ages.

In a significant and powerful way it holds the magic of the sacred union of the feminine and masculine forces that creates life of earth, and being served by the fundamental elements of creation – air, water, for and earth.

You are invited to awaken this ancient wisdom within you,
to graceful pour into your life veins new life force energy,
and to open portals to the creation to appear within you.

This method is especially effective for:
assisting in the energetic healing of core issue,
and creating anew and New Beginnings !

Open yourself to the miracles life offers and take an active step towards an awaken play with life.

Box Magic

Everything that is kept in a cube stays there un touched.
A box is a materialized cube,
Putting, with awareness, seeds of wishes, prayers and intentions in a box
Will call upon the Earth element, to keep those seeds sacred and be ready to sprout with all of their strength.

You use boxes all the time, learn their magic !

Additional Classes:

  • Planetary Sigils – Bond with the force of a  specific planet to support your creation.

  • Candle magic – Use the element of fire to asend your prayer.

  • Mesa Bundle- Learn to create your power altar as it was made by the masters.

  • Straw weaving – The magic in traditional intentional weaving 

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  • Even things that seemed "impossible" to me when I created my manifestation box, during the year they suddenly came true!

    Ren Mahlev Healing and guidance to live an aware, fulfilled and joyful life
  • It is unbelievable that something as simple as that has such an impact on the soul!

    Sarita Catita Mother & Visionary Artist

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